What to Pack For a Alaska Cruise – Clothes Edition

What to Pack For a Alaska Cruise – Clothes Edition

Hey cruisers,
It’s Sheri with CruiseTipsTV with tips on what type of clothing to pack for a cruise
to Alaska. Packing for Alaska can be a little tricky because in our experience, the weather
can vary from about 40-85 degrees throughout the day. It can be sunny and warm one minute,
and drizzly and cold the next. SO, what to do?
Well…in Alaska it’s all about LAYERS. We’re going to break this down into 4 categories-
what to wear on the ship, walking around in port, on adventure tours, and lastly on Glacier
viewing days. Let’s start with what to wear ON the ship:
Daytime wear on your Alaskan cruise can be casual and comfortable. Pack your favorite
non-slip athletic or walking shoes, and plan for mild, breezy weather. So, jeans, sweaters
and T-shirts will be perfect for most daytime activities onboard. Depending on your ship,
the attire for most evenings on board will likely be resort wear, with a few elegant
or “formal” evenings sprinkled in. For women,I recommend packing a sweater or warm
wrap or shawl to layer over your evening wear. So how about port days?:
Generally speaking if you’re walking around near the port, jeans, comfortable walking
shoes, a short-sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt or sweater and a light rain jacket are just
right. Again, this may seem like a lot of layers, but trust me, you want to be prepared
for the temperature variations. Now, on ACTIVE or adventure type tours, you’re
going to want to dress a lot like you do in port, but leave the JEANS on the ship. If
there’s any chance you’ll get wet, focus on synthetic or athletic type pants and a
nice waterproof shoe. If you’re going to be on the water, plan for some extra gear
like a fleece jacket, a warm hat and some warm socks. Just remember, moisture wicking
fabric is best on those adventure days. Lastly, let’s talk about what to wear if
your ship is visiting a glacial area during your cruise. Glacier days are gorgeous, however
they tend to be much more chilly than a normal sea day. You’ll feel the temperature drop
as you enter the passage and progress toward the icy glacial area. And often, your ship
will visit the glacier in the early morning hours. So, we recommend that you get out on
deck with a warm winter hat, and maybe even a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm.
Often, glacier day is the only day a hat and gloves are needed, and having them makes it
easier to stay on deck for as long as possible, and soak in the majesty of the glacier. Of
course, if you forget your cozy clothes, your cruise line will likely offer hot cocoa on
deck or clothing for purchase in their gift shop.
Thanks for watching. We hope this was helpful, and until next time, we’ll see you on the
high seas! Hey, click me to subscribe.

30 thoughts on “What to Pack For a Alaska Cruise – Clothes Edition

  1. Hey Sheri! Another great video. I was thinking about an Alaskan cruise, but didn't want to freeze. lol! Great tips here! You Rock!

  2. An Alaskan cruise is my number one vaca dream!! I loved this video cuz I love "practical dreaming" 😊❤️

  3. Thanks Sheri for the informational video on what to pack for an Alaskan cruise! My husband & I will be going to Alaska on a cruise next year…our very first cruise ever! We are so excited…so I am trying to gleam all the information I can from videos such as yours & others!

  4. I leave for my Alaska cruise in almost a week! So excited, I've never been on a cruise! I've been watching a decent but of these videos to prepare.

  5. Sheri, I really appreciate your videos. I have a question you did not cover here. What should you wear and what shoes are necessary for an excursion that has you hiking a glacier? We are going in August. Thanks.

  6. I finally finally finally got a video for you to do can you please do a video of Carnival fantasy food I'm going on there in a couple days at least tell me about it is it nasty or is it good what about guys burger Mexican restaurant think you you're the best remember

  7. Hey, it's time for these cruise ships to start introducing the "Polar Plunge", for those brave souls that want to dunk into the icy waters.

  8. Also if you are on a just cruising day but want to hang out on the deck wear a very heavy coat because it get super cold

  9. I really enjoy your videos, your channel is really nice because you don't have any of those boring vlogs. I can't wait to see more tips. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  10. We just went on an Alaskan cruise 2 weeks ago. Selecting & Packing clothes was the hardest thing we encountered. Great advice! I read about layering, wish I had more specific advice as given in this post. Don't forget that you normally have at least 1 or 2 days before and after the cruise in hotels and flights.

    Our cruise line gave us an option to fill a bag as much as we could and they would walk and fold the clothes. That was a life saver.

    I would suggest everyone go on one. The most beautiful and largest variety of things to see and do. Words can't express the majesty enough.

  11. great video! Alaska is on my hubby, and I's bucket list! we just did bermuda with RCCL on the anthem of the seas! it was amazing! YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO 7K subbies! 😀

  12. Hi Sheri, Great tip on the layering. Wear a least three layers each day on land and you will be fine. The ships daily newsletter will be your guide for port days. We just returned from Alaska two days ago sailing on Royal Caribbeans Radiance of the Seas. With a 7 day cruise and a 7 day land tour. It was on my husband's bucket list. Gotta say it was the best… I just wanted to say a big Thank You! Without your help, I would have been lost. All I can add is, pack less, enjoy more and watch every sunset you can. For the memories made here will always be with you and yours…

  13. Hi Sherri – I've been watching your videos for a couple of months ago. Actually, devouring them is more accurate than watching them. I'm headed for my first cruise ever, to Alaska, in two weeks, and the packing is my biggest challenge. Thank you for the many helpful tips. Diana

  14. Hey Sheri!  Thanks for the wardrobe tips!  Here's my question:  What's the one (or 3) things most people forget to pack, or don't think of??  (Ie. Sunblock, Surge protector, etc) Thanks in advance!

  15. Here’s a link to my favorite Alaska pre-cruise book, which comes
    with a map to hang on your stateroom wall:


  16. Hi Sheri!
    My mom and I recently discovered your channel searching for videos about our cruise line!
    We are going on NCL in September to Alaska for 10 days, and have NO CLUE what to pack! We are coming from the East Coast, so we are flying…and we are concerned about packing the right things. Any tips for fall Alaskan cruises? Thanks!

  17. Since wind can penetrate most fleece jackets, consider a windproof fleece. Saves another layer. Otherwise use you rainjacket as a windbreaker, instead of adding another item to pack and forget or carry. Also, a rain poncho sized large enough to go over you and your daypack will keep you belongings dry.

  18. It would be helpful if you mentioned what month you were cruising to Alaska .I am cruising last one in September is it warmer or cooler than July

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