Where to Buy Clothes for Short Men | Complete List of Brands

Where to Buy Clothes for Short Men | Complete List of Brands

What’s up guys! My name is Brock. You’re watching The Modest Man. Today, we’re talking about where to buy clothing
for shorter men. Okay, I’m 5’6″ in shoes, and I find that most major apparel brands, you know, J.Crew, H&M, ASOS, Uniqlo, Gap, Nordstrom, all of these brands, all of these companies,
for the most part, they’re not making clothing that really fits
and flatters the shorter body type. So, that means when you go to the mall,
there’s not a very good chance that you’re gonna find a lot of stuff that you really like and that really looks good on you and for the most part,
you’re gonna have to either get custom clothing or shop in the kids section or get stuff tailored
to make it fit better. But they are a handful of brands
that are focusing specifically on men who are below average height. Now, I keep a running list of these brands over
on TheModestMan.com and I’ll link to that page down below
but I wanted to do a video about these brands just to let you know, for you guys
who only watch the videos and don’t read the articles, that these brands exist
and that you might want to check them out. So, I’m gonna run through this list
and quickly just a little legend on pricing, I’m gonna use dollar signs
to indicate how expensive these brands are. Okay, first off and probably most popular,
we have Peter Manning. Peter Manning makes classic American clothing
for not so tall men. The price point, I give them three dollar signs, which means that they have many items
for less than $100 but also some stuff for more than $100. They were founded in 2011,
out of Brooklyn in New York. They now have a retail location in Manhattan. They have an online shop. I’ve done a ton of stuff with Peter Manning,
lots of content and I’ve done a full review on them. So, I’ll link to all my Peter Manning content
down below in the description. Okay! Next up we have Ash & Erie. Ash & Erie used to be known as Ash & Anvil. They make everyday clothes designed
for guys 5’8″ and below. Now, Ash & Erie, gets two dollar signs,
they have many items for less than $75 but also some stuff for over a hundred. Ash & Erie was founded in 2015. They don’t have a retail location. Although, they’re based in Detroit,
they do have an online shop. I’ve done a full review of Ash & Erie,
so check the description for that link. Okay! Next up, we have a Jimmy AU’s. Now, Jimmy AU’s
is the original short men’s clothing store. They get four dollar signs. They’re definitely higher-end,
most of their stuff is more than $100. You know, they sell suits, they sell custom suits,
they do a bunch of in-house tailoring and it’s, you know, it’s expensive stuff
but it’s also very high quality. Now, they have a retail location
out in Sherman Oaks, California, which is in the Los Angeles region. They used to be in Beverly Hills
and they kind of recently moved. They’ve actually been in business since 1982. They’re old school, you know,
they don’t have an online shop right now. So, if you want to check them out, you know, be sure to visit their retail location next time, you’re in Southern California. I did an article about my visit to their retail location,
their showroom and I’ll link to that down below in the description. Next, we have Sharp Casualwear. Sharp Casualwear makes casual shirts
for men 5’8″ and under. They get two dollar signs,
so they have a lot of stuff for less than $75. They focus on casual clothing. They were founded in 2015
and I have done a full Sharp Casualwear review, which I will link to down below. Right now, they are online only. So, you can check out their website, if you want
to shop their current collection. Next, we have Robbie Brown. Now, Robbie Brown makes clothing for men up to 5’8″. I’m not really sure about their prices. Although, I think they’re higher-end, kind of like Jimmy AU’s. They were founded in 2016, based in Toronto, Canada. They have a retail shop up in Toronto
and they don’t have an online shop right now. I have not tried their clothes on,
I have not done a review. So, I can’t really comment much further
about this brand. Next up, we have FORtheFIT. FORtheFIT makes clothes designed
for tall men and short men. They get one dollar sign,
they make very affordable stuff. They have a lot of stuff on their website
for less than $50. They were founded in 2005. I don’t think they have a retail location,
just the online shop. I’ve never tried anything from them,
I’ve never done a review. So, you know, can’t really say much about this brand. If you’ve tried them, definitely
let me know down in the comments. Okay! And finally we have Short and Fat. Now clearly, this a brand,
it’s not beating around the bush about who their target market is. They’re very direct,
they’re very upfront about who they are and who their customer is. They make custom-built shirts for custom build guys. So, their shirts are made to measure, even though they’re focusing on the bigger guy. They get three dollar signs. I think their shirts are around $100. They were founded in 2017, they’re online only
and they kind of have a unique business model. So, you can go check them out. I haven’t tried any of their shirts,
I haven’t done a review. So, if you, if you have tried them or if you do try them,
be sure to come back and leave a comment to let us know how it went. All right guys! New brands are popping up all the time. Unfortunately, some brands go out of business. So, I keep a running list that’s always up to date,
over on TheModestMan.com. I’ll include a link below to that list, so you know, Bookmark it, be sure to check back often to see, if there are any new brands that are worth your time. And if you have experience with any of these brands,
be sure to leave a comment down below to let us know what you think, you know, help us out, help everybody make a more educated decision
before they spend their hard-earned money. All right guys! If you have questions
for me let me know and until next time, stay stylish!

63 thoughts on “Where to Buy Clothes for Short Men | Complete List of Brands

  1. Hi, very informative video, thank you so much. May I ask if it's an option buying from Europe? I actually have never bought anything from USA and don't know anything about shipping and taxes etc..

  2. Nice video. Gap still works for me and they just have way more to choose from. Their prices are less expensive than some of the brands in the video. I usually get the skinny.

  3. You can check out Express. I am 5'9" and quite thin. I find their clothes fit me pretty well. Good thing is you can find them at any of local malls.

  4. Would you say these companies are a good alternative to tailoring most mall brands or is it something people should do instead of shopping at regular brands.

  5. What about skinny guys? I'm 28 yrs old, 5' 11" but I wear a small or extra small shirt, it's really hard to find suits, and I wear a 28×30 pants. It's so hard to find stuff

  6. I've seen statistics that 33% of men are 5"8" or less in height…it's amazing how apparel manufacturers and retailers overlook this segment of men's clothing market…

  7. Hi Brock, if I were to buy just 1 item from Peter Manning, what would you recommend? I live in Europe but my wife is visiting NYC in a week or so. I'm kinda digging the black leather jacket. I believe alpha m. has one too. I'm also considering the topcoat as it's impossible to find one that fits my 5'5", 140lb frame over here. Both would be nice but I'm hesitant to spend so much money on clothes (especially expensive clothes) without trying them on beforehand. By the way, what's the size of your leather jacket? According to the website, I should be a size 3. Oh, and thanks for all the videos! Fantastic stuff!

  8. I think Uniqlo is the best out of the big brands, i am just under 5/8 and most things fit ok, so i shop there and the price fits my budget. But yes you cant beat PM they rule them all, except the price unfortunately,
    but they are good quality. Nice video thanks again.

  9. I wanted to buy something from peter manning ever since I discovered your channel. I thought today's the day but my plans were crushed by the 50$ Shipping cost for 1 Shirt. So maybe next time when I'm in NYC can try something in store.

  10. Its kind of insane – especially as a university student – that I have to pay as much money as these companies are asking for, for clothes that fit me. All this means it that the supply for actual fitting clothes is so low with such high demand that companies get to exploit it. I don't have money to buy clothes from a lot of the the companies listed, though obviously not all of them.

    Not that any of this is the fault of your list Brock, I'm always happy with the content you put out and the video itself is still great.

    All that being said I'm still happy that a channel actually exists for this sort of thing, at least there's someone out there for us :p

    P.S ROBBIE BROWN'S: I've been to Robbie Brown's the prices aren't listed on the website but most shirts in the store go for over 100, 200 dollars. It's INCREDIBLY expensive.

  11. Asos usually carries XS, XXS and even XXXS on most clothes. They tend to be a little long but they fit really well around the shoulder and chest area which are the hardest parts to get tailored. I get my basics from there and haven't found a T-shirt that fits me better than those. You should do an Asos haul, it's on the $ range so you could get a lot of stuff without paying too much.

  12. Thanks for the video! I'm young and still growing, but I have been having a lot of problems. I have long legs for my short body and I'm also very skinny. For height, I'm a 30, but for the waist size, I'm about a 24. In the kids section, I'm an 18, but that's actually rare to find. That all means I have to spend an entire day at a massive mall just to find one reasonable pair of pants and all my pants are much more baggy than I wish 🙁

  13. Hey bud. First off, great video. I live for your short men brand reviews. Could I suggest trying Goodthreads brand on Amazon. Their pants sizes go up to 28 in length. I usually wear 30 W by 27 L, but these 30 W by 28 L chinos are pretty comfortable and fit very well for my 5'4" frame.

  14. I'm 5'4 and tired of going to boys section to get the right size. I will definitely check out awesome sites! Thanks

  15. Do any of these companies have branches in the UK? Or any brands in general? Btw I'm 5'2" and have stopped growing.

  16. for me, american eagle is the ONLY jean brand i've encountered that consistently sells sizes as low as 26×26 (I'm a 28×28 myself)

  17. What about shopes in Europe, I keep searching for some on the web but they seem non-existent. If you guys know anything please let me know.

  18. Where to buy clothing for large men I mean large like really large…I'm frustrated here in India please recommend in websites or online stores…I need clothes please

  19. Hi brother. I wanted to purchase a leather jacket from peter manning or any other store. Im 5'1… Shoulder length is 16 – 17 inch .. Not sure what will fit me. Any help ? Thanks in Advance. God bless

  20. All of these brands are american. Would you make a video about european brands for shorter men, please? I'd really appreciate it

  21. Tried robbie brown on, as I live near it, it's still too big for me, I'm slim build 4'11.
    Prices are around 175 for a typical long dress shirt but very customizable and a nice staff.
    (CAD money)

  22. GREAT video and list. Never even thought about the possibility of these kind of videos. I’m 5”8 1/2 and find difficulties in the length of pants. I always look for sales because I know I have to pay extra to get them tailored.

  23. 5 foot 5 or 6 inches. luckily the mall has 30 in length for pants in the mens section, i'd hate to have to go to the kids section to buy clothes, how pathetic

  24. I've got a short torso… all shirts i wear go passed my crotch that fit me in the shoulders… so irrrrrrritating.
    Thinking of starting my own brand… just buying a ton of medium shirts from china and taking 3-5 inches off the bottom.

  25. Could you please put something in here more based around something non-formal, I get a lot of people can't find normal wear, however, I cannot find fashionable clothes

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