46 thoughts on “Why Nagging Knot Pain Just Won’t Go Away (2 Reasons, 2 Answers) + Giveaway!

  1. Hey you guys, my 87 yr old acupressure teacher taught me to use the 10 fingers and nothing else is needed. He wants total independence from tools, doctors…he used to be an acupuncturist and saw that people still depend on the needle or the a acupuncturist. He switched to acupressure to teach us and said he can cure everything the same without a needle. If you understand and know a combination of living points, you can solve everything. For us, backs, knees, necks, arms are no big deal under any severity. It takes 10 minutes for first 60 per cent relief, and goes up with time, with 10 percent left for karma. I have had shoulder injuries for 10 years and in spite of numerous doctors and western practitioners, I was still in pain. It took me 3 months with my teacher, one visit only and the rest is on my own, practicing diligently 3 times a day. Yet I rest for 9 months…continue to heal and my shoulders are better than 25 year old surfers. He said that if any pain reoccurs after 6 months, you haven't cured anything. Before I met him, I had feet problems that I was fit with expensive shoes and told by specialists from Scripps that nothing can be done. Once in Singapore, as my feet hurt so badly, I walked into a foot massage place for $20 an hour. I told the guy to be gentle. The workers there laugh at this American who only want comfort. For one entire hour, he rubbed my feet at the same place. I said to myself here goes my foot massage. Since then, I never had foot pain. When I came back to the US after a year of backpacking, I looked for an Asian practitioner and luckily found my teacher. Since then I have never taken a pill, still surfing, do Qigong, Tai chi, meditate, eat well and approaching 70. I am grateful to my teacher everyday for the healthy person today. I try to show American professional for free but they don't really believe and don't want to practice regularly 3 times a day. Just like they want to understand meditation in a day. So let karma be. Blue collar people listen better…people working at fast food joints, supermarkets do listen because they have no insurance and feel the cure. Hate to say. ..I smile at the tools you sell. At least I appreciate the non damaging effects like Big Pharma, unless they use the tools wrong. We have only one exercise that fixes all back problems, bone spurs. We relieve the pain as soon as we feel it so it doesn't become chronic.

  2. I get those knots frequently, at work, just where you showed off the spine towards the shoulder blade. They can last for 10 or 15 minutes. Sometimes the only thing I can do is lay on the floor until it loosens up. Geez it's so painful.

  3. Foam roller on the upper back is helpful. Painful in the beginning…it got easier with persistence after about 2 weeks.

  4. I have been watching every new episode for a while and I’m learning so much about my body. It’s great for those of us who cannot afford a physical therapist!

  5. I'm training my dogs to do that anoying push with the nose thing right in the low part of my back. Who needs a massage therapist

  6. Just saw that massage gun in my local sporting goods store. Looks scary, but maybe it’s effective. What do you think about getting acupuncture for neck issues and vertigo?

  7. I developed Fibromyalgia at 25. I am 69 now. After 2 broken hips and other fractures and no insurance,my body is a mess. I have had as much damage done by health care pros as anything. I found your website a couple weeks ago, and along with my regimin of two hours in the afternoon I have been using your instructions. Good progress,on my part and great work on yours, Thank You.

  8. I’ve done this with a tennis ball. It works. I would do it lying bed or in my office chair. I do feel bruised if I do it too often. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had knots like that🤞🏻

  9. People need to check the eye level of their computer screens. Your monitor should be below your eye level. This will eliminate a LOT of neck and shoulder pain.

  10. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for all your efforts and dedication. God bless you both, your families, your team and your practice. Merry Christmas.

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