100 thoughts on “Why Recycled? | Know How Your Clothes Are Made

  1. A company telling people to buy less is so refreshing! Consuming less and using up our goods to the end of life really is our only path forward.

  2. Good explanation. Thank you for sharing. However… What about the plastic tag fasteners? Have you considered to replace those too? I have discovered your products only about 2 years ago, but every product I bought had the plastic fasteners. I hope you will find a solution and lead a way for the whole industry again.

  3. I absolutely love your mission statement, and how you are constantly searching for ways to improve your products life cycle. Keep innovating and other companies will continue to follow suit. I have one question though, which was posed in a class discussion about synthetic fibres. How will we as a whole address the issue of microplastics? I am familiar with the guppyfriend you guys released, and again I commend you for your innovation. But that seems to only be a bandaid solution to the problem. Seeing as once they're caught, they just end up in the garbage/recycling which then ends up in landfills and such. I am merely a design student in university, but our project this semester is to attempt to address this issue. If you have any hints of directions worth exploring it would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely a concerned human

  4. I love that Patagonia changed its mission statement to "we're in business to save our home planet." Pretty remarkable stuff for a "clothing company".

  5. Respect to Carissa Ridegway and Patagonia for this most excellent piece of film . . . you WILL change the world with this type of work.

  6. This is so important to share. I hope we will find a solution for our waste economy. Thank you Patagonia to make people aware of this big issue!

  7. Thanks for always reminding us of best practices. Use less. I'd like to learn more about compostable plastic dishware. I see SO MUCH OF IT at my tech company in CA. Single use products, no matter if it's compostable, can't be good. It's a step though. Small victory to a massive problem.

  8. Great message! Patagonia seeks a better world, not just better profits. This is an excellent educational video for everyone to share. It's time for other manufacturers and all of us consumers to get on board with the "Why Recycled?" movement.

  9. I'm really glad to see a company who actually cares about its products. Too bad most people buying Patagonia just for the brand aren't going to recycle these clothes back through your system. Some people will, but its not enough. Its sad to see all that work recycling is just going to end up in the landfill anyway. Personally I don't even buy these goods new (mainly because I can't afford them) I always buy almost all my clothing and some gear used. If I can make a recycled garment last even longer and then recycle it after I will. Please buy used and recycle it after as well.

  10. Your work it is Amazing guys, it is good for the world! but the price of your product it's really high.. but believe me, if you lower the prices I will buy hundreds of your patagonia products!!! (I already do it, but I could do even more if you did)

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  12. next jacket is 100% sure going to be a patagonia one. I was considering one for a long time but this video definitely convinced me !

  13. I have designed a kit like boyscout trend that's include all you need similar like the size of the cell phone and after you used just showered 💓 I am talking about the plate , the glass, to spoon , the fork and the knife .

  14. This message is so important! Recycling on its own isn't the magic solution to saving the climate- we have to work together to consume less and spread the word to others.

  15. Thank Patagonia for making this video! I could not have put it any better!! Recycling is a great tool however consuming less and using items longer are by far the number 1 goal!! Thank you and I hope this video goes viral so we can educate people…

  16. "Nothing beats not buying anything" Great video and a very good soundbite. Thank you for putting such a succinct and powerful video together it really helps me educate us all so we may make more informed decisions. <3 ~Liz aka EarthArtBalance

  17. I love Patagonia for this. I will always spend a bit more on a product of its ethical and or sustainable. Hearing them encourage people to consume less is impressive from a company that relys on consumers purchasing products to continue. I will now be a loyal customer when I do need an item and encourage friends/family to do the same. People are waking up and making the shift to “slow” fashion 🧡🧡🧡

  18. Loved the realistic analysis of recycling and impacts.
    As an order of magnitude I remember having read that using recycled material shrinks the final impact of a garment by about half and not a ten factor. But does anyone has more sourced/precise figures around ?

    It matters to me as it is the effective way to show that recycling is better but nothing like a license to overbuy !
    Lifelong clothes are the way to go, repairing also opens the way to customization which allows very nice improvements of garment performance and tuning. For instance, I often find myself cutting to add a zipper or lightening gears…
    Outdoor gears are functional and the irregular stitching or patches are truly "badges of honor" !

  19. Hi @patagonia can i share some ideas, this is actually the safiest idea and i want you to have one for this..how can i chat you privately(

  20. Fantastic film, Patagonia. Thank you Carissa and everyone involved! I’ve been an avid Patagonia wearer for many years, and without fail your products have always been the highest quality, lasted the longest, and never gone in the waste bin or donation pile. You’re doing the good work, even when it’s not motivated by economic priority, and that is something I hope all corporations come around to, especially as the consumers begin to ask for it.

  21. construction dumping waste and roofing flooring roads is best way to make disappear huge plastic Mountain

    we are not consuming much

    our technology is of stone age

  22. The plage not is of Garbaje, is The humanity with out Conscious kill all People The that way thinking

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  24. Another demon dressed in angel suite. You guys can fool as many people in here but not me. Don't put the term recycling in your company, in your brand just to fool, lure and attract consumers because if you truly care for the environment we live in this would be all cashless and voluntary for this is your contribution to this world. What you're offering is wrapped in a golden coated box but the intention inside isn't really for helping, its all for money.

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  27. I recycle everything I possibly can. It’s a little disheartening to hear only 15% of everything that gets recycled actually gets recycled. I’m still going to recycle. I believe it does make a difference in the long run. I’m very conscious about what I buy and if it can be recycled at the end of it.

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