Wig Caps | Lace Frontal Wig Caps

Wig Caps | Lace Frontal Wig Caps

Wig Caps lace frontal wig caps. I will show you the best and only cap to use
for making your lace frontal wigs. Let me just tell you I love this wig cap, it is my favourite cap for making wigs for all our clients. This cap is specially designed for making
lace frontal wigs. This cap is so easy to use, we have made a guideline on the front where you should place your frontal So it is beginners friendly, you don’t have to worry about knowing exactly what to do, we have done it all for you. This is a tutorial that I made on how to sew your
lace frontal on this wig cap. The video is very detailed and I give you
step by step instructions on how to sew your lace frontal on the wig cap. You can click on the i button on the top right
corner to see the full video and I will also leave the link to this video
in the deception box below. Let me tell you the features of this lovely
frontal cap. You can see how this frontal wig cap looks
up close. The line you see at the front is the guideline
I mentioned earlier. Also, the extra lace at the front after your
frontal is fitted will be cut off. So don’t worry about the extra lace because you are going to cut it off after you’re fitted the frontal on. You have adjustable clips to fit your head
shape. Our frontal wig caps come in 3 sizes, small
medium and large. Now errrm we sold out of the medium so I can only show you small
and large but we have placed some more orders in for the
medium size. The adjustable straps on these caps have 6
insertable slots making this cap a perfect fit for your head size. You can get yours on our website I leave
the link below in the description box. As you can see this cap is stretchy breathable
perfect fit for any head shape This is me making a lace frontal wig using
our wig cap. Good news I will be back to making many more
wig tutorials for you. Subscribe now and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss out on all my upcoming videos. You can watch the full video of how I made
this wig by clicking on the i button on the top right corner and I will also leave the link for you below. I will tell you a secret on how to get lace
frontal wig cheap and save your hard-earned money. buy the lace frontal wig cap, the lace frontal
and two bundles of hair Yes, you heard it right you can make a full
head with only 2 bundles of hair and a frontal using this wig cap. Then you watch my detailed wig making tutorials
and make your own wig. That’s it it’s that simple, that’s the secret you save money and you
look gorgeous at the same time. If you have no time to make your own wig like
many of our clients and you want it right now, ready to go you can purchase beautiful, customised ready to wear wigs like these on our website. Click
on the link you see. I am making a series on wig caps for you including braided wig cap frontal wig cap which you are currently watching spandex wig cap and closure wig cap. I will see you in my next video

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  1. My hair Queen👸🏾 is back. THANK YOU for this lace frontal wig cap video you answered allot of questions I had. Please dont go away any more😀

  2. Thank you for showing this I bought the cap but I was confused it wasn’t coming out right. I will give it another try

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