Wig Making for Dolls – Raw vs. processed alpaca fiber

Hello, everybody. How are you? In today’s episode I will cover some basics about raw versus processed alpaca fiber, where to buy it and what to expect when receiving it Raw alpaca fiber usually comes straight from the animal. It is most commonly unwashed, uncleaned, has traces of soil and grass and is not brushed So when you receive your raw fiber You will need to spend quite a bit of time and money washing it, cleaning it, detangling and so on before it is ready to be used for a wig In comparison processed alpaca fiber has already gone through all that lengthy process, but because of that it is also more expensive For example getting two ounces of raw fiber will cost you about 20 bucks compared to the 80 bucks for the processed type But don’t forget that during the cleaning and brushing process you will lose a lot of fiber So in the end out of those two ounces only one ounce could end up being good enough to be used for a wig But this also depends on your skill, quality of fiber, and how clean and knotted the raw fiber is And here are some places where to look for alpaca fiber As always do not forget to ask Mr. Google for suggestions since you may find a local farm that could offer you a really good deal and save you on shipping costs I personally prefer buying processed alpaca Mostly because I have very little free time and I find the whole process of getting raw alpaca ready for wigs quite boring But if you have plenty of time and want to save a few bucks Then keep an eye out on my channel for the next episode Where I will teach you exactly how to turn raw fiber into clean and beautiful silky locks I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video and that you’ve learned something new Don’t forget that you can support me by subscribing, commenting, liking, and sharing my videos Thank you, so so much, and I will see you in the next one Bye! ~

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