Hey guys, it’s Heart and today I’m going to
be testing out to see if human hair dye will work on doll wigs. So, I have a Kirsten wig here that I tried
to dye before and it didn’t work. As you can see, there’s a little bit of pink
in it. But I am going to be using this…what’s it
called? Splat Midnight Indigo hair dye. And it’s for brunettes, but as you can see
here on the box, it shows how it will turn out depending on your hair color. And I would say this doll has…maybe light
brown hair. It’s definitely not that blonde so it will
probably show up kind of like this. So, I’m just going to follow the instructions
and it says to just apply to all the areas that you want the color. So I’m gonna do that. And then it says to let it sit for 30-60 minutes. Alright so I
think this is pretty much all covered. I mean…looks like it. So, now we’re gonna let it process for like…maybe
45 minutes. I’ll be back when it’s done processing. Okay so it’s been probably about an hour now. I’m going to wash it out. And when I dyed my hair with this…I did
it before I chopped it off, by the way…a lot of dye came out. As you can see here, it’s literally like bright
blue so. Alright so here are my hands. I’m gonna put a bit of shampoo because that’s
what the instructions say, at least for human hair but, you know…it’s close enough. So I’m just using this shampoo I have laying
around. And I’m going pretty heavy on it because this
is gonna help, you know, wash everything out. So, this feels really weird to do with gloves
on but it’s okay. So I’m just gonna lather that all in there. As you can see, still vibrant blue is coming
out of the wig because there’s a lot of dye built up in there so. I’m really just going ham with it and we just
want to make sure everything comes out because you don’t wanna stain anything. Like, it could stain your dolls if you don’t
wash it out all the way and you definitely don’t want that so. Look at all the blue suds. That’s so pretty. Actually it’s kind of purple. And also be careful, this will get extremely
messy. And if you don’t…if you have like a white
sink, don’t use it there because it will stain it for a couple days at least so. It normally washes out but I’m just giving
you discretion because it can get very messy. Alright guys so I just finished washing it
in the other section of my sink but the wig seems to be running clearer than it was before
so I think I’m gonna try and dry it. I might wash it again if it’s transferring
any kind of ink. So, there it is. It looks literally brown but hey, even if
it does look brown, I’m fine with that. Something different so…I’m trying to get
these to go down the drain but…no luck at the moment so we’re just gonna let her drain
by herself. Also this is stainless steel so that’s why
I’m doing it here and not in my bathroom or anything like that, like normal. So, hey you’ll get a colorful surprise if
you do this. Just kidding. I don’t recommend doing this until I finish
the video. Okay…I’m gonna pause…I’m gonna pause it
now so I can clean this up. Alright guys so I brushed it out and now I’m
just going to let it dry. And it looks like it has tints of blueish
purple, obviously on camera it looks kind of black but you can kind of see a little
bit of purple. So yeah. We’re just gonna hope for the best and when
it dries, I’ll get back to you guys. That rhymed. Alright guys, so I just put the wig on my
doll, Audrey. And honestly, look how pretty it is. It’s like so vibrant. And it also kind of fades out at the end which
I think is kinda cool. And it kinda just changes color the way you
shift it and stuff. I think its really pretty. Personally, I don’t like it on this doll but
maybe I’ll use it on a doll I customize. Maybe I’ll curl it or something. Make it a little bit more interesting. Also, I would advise being very careful when
using hair dye around your dolls ’cause it will, 100% stain them. And be careful because, as you can see, it’s
left a teeny bit of a blue tint on her forehead so, yeah. Just be aware of that. Wash the wig out like several times if you’re
gonna put it on your doll. And be extremely careful ’cause I don’t want
you guys to stain your dolls with hair dye ’cause it will not come out. So, yeah. Anyways, my conclusion to this video is yes,
this particular hair dye worked on my doll. I can’t speak for all hair dyes and say that
all of them will work on your doll but at least this one did and it actually turned
out really nice. And the hair doesn’t feel like damaged or
anything. It’s a little bit like…I don’t know…it
may not be completely dry at the top yet but honestly, not bad. And it’s a pretty cheap alternative if you
wanna have a colored wig but you don’t wanna buy a whole new one. You know like I got this hair dye for, I think,
$7 but it was like…it’s really full and it has a lot in it so you could definitely
do more than one wig with it and I love it honestly. So I might use this on…this wig on a new
doll or something to sell but yeah. So, thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you in my next video. Bye!


  1. Hi Heart I love your channel your my fav YouTuber and you put so much effort into making your videos and the videos are so unique with the ideas

  2. I love your videos
    Omg it’s so pretty and I agree the wig does not suit her but another doll yessssssss

  3. When you use shampoo or soap it will take color out because of the chemicals in the shampoo and the lye in soap.

  4. This channel is amazing I know you prolly didn't see me on smoldolls livestream but I was saying hi because you two are my fav Ag tubers

  5. I was just thinking of doing this since I can’t find the right color for one of my dolls. So thank you for showing how to do this!

  6. 126 likes and 1 dislike? THE LIKE BUTTON IS BROKEN… I think I pressed it too much…. 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  7. okay but,,,, this wig curled and on a brown eyed doll would be gorgeous, especially a josefina mold

  8. When I did my hair purple and pink (litteraly rockstar style) I washed it after quite a few days but it still drained a ton everytime I washed it until it had been a month or so

  9. If you still have slight staining from the dye, let the wig soak in some vinegar. Vinegar helps seal in dyes.

  10. Hello ilysm I’m entering ur next American girls top model compation I was going to enter the last one but I didn’t have time to get a picture☹️ but I’m entering the next one!!!

  11. Ahhh, this is a very interesting video! The outcome looks really good!💕 You did a great job!


  12. is it true u can actually gain 1000 subscribers for an agtube account becuz basilmentos said after a year on her ag tube channel she gained 1000 subscribers in just ONE year so is it true…?

  13. Did you use VO5? That will strip.any color from the hair. If you didnt i apologize. But it looks like VO5

  14. Will any wig wire brig work on an Ag doll or do u have to use American girl (I’m using an our generation wig brush)

  15. Just a suggestion, when you use a wig to test out things on, even if it turns out terribly, you can still sell it, if it turns out great, I found you get more money for it if you sell it without a doll. I have sold many wigs that way. By the way, it looks great! Maybe even make it shorter.

  16. In doing this in 2019 but when I used splat at Halloween and it is still in my hair and that was 2018 so it MIT Stan you and your doll

  17. Wow so cool! ! I subscribe! !give me a shout out please never got one! !I have a American girl doll! Her name is molly

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