Women Try Macy’s First Modest Clothing Line

Women Try Macy’s First Modest Clothing Line

– I can’t wait to walk
into Macy’s and be like, “Excuse me, please take me the
hijab section of the store.” (upbeat music) Recently, Macy’s did
something super exciting. They became the first major
retailer to have a line of hijabs and modest clothing. The Verona collection, which
is a line that has hijabs and other types of modest
clothing for the Muslims gals. Today, we have almost, well
a lot of stuff from Verona. We have hijabs, we have
miscellaneous long stuff, we have rompers, we have a lot of stuff. – (laughs) A lot of long stuff. – Yes, and we’re gonna try them on, and you get to see us try,
well not like see us try it on, but like, you know what I’m talking about. Should we go try these clothes on? – Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it! (jazzy music) This is Verona, and this is cute! Okay so we have matching duster things. – I like it, I think
it’s really functional. It has pockets, it’s like a nice thing to just throw on over, like,
these high-waisted jeans that I wear every-other day. – So my hijab, the frayed
ends are really cute, and I think it’d be really
cute to just tie in front or kind of, like, put behind, too. – Yeah, and it’s a little textured, too. Like if you get in, you can
see actually some waves. – You always need a staple
piece like this, too. – [Zainab] Yeah. – Especially with a duster,
I think it’d be super cool to like, wear to work, like if you are in a more business-casual environment. So, outfit number two. – You look amazing! – Okay, you look amazing. I’m feeling these buttons.
– Oh yeah! I like this, like, long dress, it’s very “Islamic school teacher,” but like, you know, make it fashion, like you know, with this little slit. And it’s a good look for
a formal event or kind of even more casual, depending
on how you want to dress it. – This is like a romper
situation going on. But it’s very, like a satiny feel. Which I love rompers, but I
don’t really have a romper like this, it literally
feels like I’m wearing PJ’s. You throw in on and like,
a bright hijab, and (snaps) you’ve won, whatever the
thing is, you’ve won it. Okay, I see you ruffles! – I see your ruffles!
– I love it! – I feel like we’re Victorian-era poets that you know, are like homies. – Yeah, Victorian-era homies, yeah. – I love your hijab, do they
hijabs in the Victoria-era? – In 1700 England? You could wear this to
18th century poetry-reading or you could wear it to work. – I live for just casual
nude/brown hijabs. I don’t think you can ever have enough. – No I really like this
little bell sleeves, I’ve been looking for a
good bell-sleeve shirt. – It’s a really cute, subtle bell sleeve, which I really love. – Yeah, it’s not too over-the-top. – I’m obsessed with this blood red that this hijab is bringing to the table. – Me too, it’s like a
really everyday outfit. Which I like, I think I
feel most comfortable in it. – I feel like overall, this
line A, is so convenient, like everyone has a Macy’s near you, like I think that’s an
amazing kind of feat for Muslim women, especially
Muslim women who run companies, to be recognized in this
major way, that’s phenomenal, and I think that makes
me so proud and inspired. – One thing I think I’d like to see as we see more Muslim labels come up is just including more
plus-sized women, more clothes for curvier women, petite
sizes, taller sizes. Yeah, I think we’re in
a really pivotal moment, as far as Muslim fashion goes. It’ll be interesting to see how Muslim fashion develops in the future. – So, I love it, and I think we should go make a trip to Macy’s. – Let’s do it! – Why are you so far away from me? – I don’t know. – Let’s do this, let’s go. – So you might have noticed
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100 thoughts on “Women Try Macy’s First Modest Clothing Line

  1. Literally every sentence has the word “like”…… i feel like blablabla… this is like blablabla… i think like blablabla….

  2. Not only Muslims where modest clothing I'm jewish and I have the same problem. Stop being it all about Muslims. Why don't you bring in other religions like Christians and jews

  3. I'm not Muslim, but I've been pining for more modest, fashionable clothing for years. I spent my 20s disappointedly browsing online retailers, most of which catered to, erm…Quiverfull/homeschool/school marm-chic. Eyeroll, gag. Thanks for putting this in the spotlight 🙂

  4. I’m not a Muslim and I’m truly happy for this and them, but as a Christian from a more strictly modest branch we have always struggled to find modest clothing at retail stores and it’s sad that this is finally coming to stores because of the Muslim community when some of us for our whole lives have struggled to find clothes like that. No hate just wishing modest clothes would have always been a part of retail for people whose religious views encourage modesty! 🙂

  5. I don't follow a particular religion but I do like to dress modestly…to the point where friends and family don't really understand it. I feel like my most comfortable and best self in long pants and long sleeves, not much sheerness or cleavage. And because of that I feel like nowadays 95% of retailers for my demographic don't have many options for me. So anyways I just wanted to say Thanks for making this and a big hello to my Muslim and Orthodox sisters ❤️

  6. many people from all religions wear modest clothing but it's not just hijabs and abayas. many sects of christians wear dresses only (mostly long ones), many jewish women, quakers, and many more also dress modestly… so i was surprised when i got into this video. this isn't just modest clothing in general but specifically geared to muslims. while i applaud them for making this available, it would also be nice if they weren't just trying to bring in muslim buyers with this move but also making available modest clothes for all religious people (cause typically thats what who wears this stuff). but america doesn't like to look like they're acting friendly to a lot of those other groups while it's PC to act friendly towards muslims (even if they don't actually mean it unfortunately). i feel like this is more of a marketing move than anything, but regardless of the motive, its still nice to see people have modest options

  7. That's so awesome! I'm not Muslim but I love the idea of being able to buy clothes that don't show everything! I'm all for wearing what you want but personally I don't like showing a lot of skin.

  8. Really sad hope they stay in the US. Something like this need tro be forbidden in a modern Culture. #boycottmacys

  9. Can you have an episode showing what to wear for like parties or red carpent events while being modest and also using hijab?

  10. Any women I have seen that wear a hijab and modest clothing is very beautiful to me. It's your personality and style that out shines who you are as a person. Not what you try to flaunt with your body 💁💯

  11. Okay I love the fact that they're doing a clothing line for Muslim girls BUT come on they are lacking in the creativity department. If you travel to middle east or any other Muslim country you can get super cute stuff for half the price. Like you can find the second design every where in Turkey with better stitching. It kinda bothers me when big corporates put zero effort into stuff. If you're going to do it do it right. But hey let's be happy at least they're acknowledging us.


  13. Yesss finally we’re seeing how Muslim girls have been slayyyying the modest fashion game ❤️❤️❤️ more Muslim content!

  14. does anyone know where i can find the romper/jumpsuit at 0:41 i am so in love with it but don't know where i can find it

  15. I love this! I'm a Catholic and modesty is extremely important to me. I'm sure both Muslims and other people who want modesty to be more mainstream really appreciate this! Way to go, Macy's! I hope more stores follow your lead! Make modesty cool again! <3

  16. I hope this doesn’t come out offensive, I’m honestly just asking so I am more aware, but can Muslim women wear scarves as hijabs and vice versa or is it a sacred piece of clothing? 🧕🏻🧕🏽🧕🏿

  17. I am not Muslim, but I have a question: is the scarf that someone wears as a hijab different (for example in shape, etc.) to a scarf that you might wear around your neck? No hate please, I’m just curious! I love all the clothes in this line, the two women look 👌!

  18. I have to say, I find this framing of Islamic dress as modest dress rather objectionable, in that it rather implies that women who don't dress in that fashion as immodest. I support clothing shops doing sections for Muslim women and stuff, that's fine, I just object to the language used to frame it.

  19. No offense but if you are wearing the hijab your hair should not show l it was really bothering me throughout the video .

  20. These are amazing <3 I love that modesty clothing is a thing, so even as a non-Muslim woman, I'd love these for myself. And it's so cool that Macy's is including hijabs for Muslim ladies ^_^

  21. I don't wear hijab, as I'm a Reform Jew (our Orthodox sisters do in a sense) but I do dress modestly. This is great to see 😀

  22. John  3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  
    3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

  23. I'm so happy for all of the Muslim women who get to have this beautiful fashion line! I may not be Muslim, but I totally want one of those rompers! I am a Christian and I like to dress very modesty. ♥️

  24. I grew up Christian modest culture. Totally wish we'd have had some of these cute cute outfits. We were totally made fun of in school for not wearing short shorts and spaghetti straps.
    Glad to see there is support for this choice and lifestyle of modesty and that it's so freaking stylish!! Good job Macy!

  25. I didn’t like them that much I hope they would have light soft colors in the future. Too much dark colors 😅

  26. Umm… so would it be okay if non-hijabi women wore the clothes too? I don't wear a hijab but I do like to dress modest. Those clothes are super cute. Wish I could find cute clothes that aren't super revealing

  27. Its surprising to me how different muslim women are. How differently we abide with Islam. As far as I kno Hijab is supposed to cover your chest and especially all of your hair.
    But I guess we just grew up with different interpretations of the Quran

  28. i'm not muslim but i like dressing modestly (my choice, not part of my religion or anything) so one day maybe i'll buy some stuff from this line

  29. It so great that they have this because a lot of girls at my church have a hard time finding modest clothing!

  30. I love Macy’s now even tho I have never been there but now my mom can wear anything she wants from An area that’s completely modest and same with me in the future

  31. Finally a collection for Tsnius (modest) observant Jews! Be nice to see people of all faiths try this collection.

  32. Not for just Muslim women, but ALSO for women who prefer to dress modest and wear a head covering. FYI, these pieces are way overpriced…shame on Macys!

  33. I'm so glad that this exists for Muslim women, but is it only for Muslim women? I'm a woman who really stresses on dressing modestly and I am religious but I'm not Muslim. I just find it a little bit strange that only Muslim women are being recognized in their modesty in this video. No hate against Muslim women, I have a lot of respect, I just find it weird that we expect it to be only a certain group of women that wear these rather than just anyone who is religious or even not religious at all and just wants to feel acknowledged as modest and beautiful. Still, very happy about this

  34. That is so completely hidious! You know what else is done in Islam? Stoning women to death. Your testament is worth half of a man's. Yay Islam!

  35. As a christian, I think women should wear headcoverings because the Bible says to. However, this is not modest. Wearing a headcovering does not make you modest. If you wear high heels, show cleaveage, wear pants, wear makeup, and wear jewelery, you are not modest.

  36. I'm happy to see Macy's offering a modest clothing line, there are many of us who have been waiting for so long for this!!! We have been making do with what we have. Just found a new clothing line for athletics – how awesome is that! It's called Snoga Athletics amazing pieces. Thank you for your video.

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