WOOLJEWEL: Ep. 13 – I’m still here!

WOOLJEWEL: Ep. 13 – I’m still here!

Hey everyone, it’s Caitlin! This is WoolJewel
podcast and we are on episode 13. It’s been about a month since my last video
so I’ll get into why later, but for now I’m just going to announce a couple things and
then I’m going to show you what I have been working on in that time,
and then I’ll save all the chit chat stuff for the end. So before I jump into it I
want to mention a couple Knit Alongs going on. The Great Unravel 2017 has been
extended to July 17th. We noticed there were a lot of people knitting garments, so we
wanted to give everyone a chance to have more time to finish them. If you’re not
familiar with this knit along, I’m hosting it – ~co-hosting~ it with Celeste from
Yarn to Table and Tayler from Wool Needles Hands. So if you think that unraveling
a thrifted sweater and using the yarn to knit something new sounds fun,
head over to my Ravelry group WoolJewel Podcast (WoolJewel is one word),
and you can find all the rules there and get inspiration. There’s tons of people
making really cool stuff and yeah. I know that, you know, there’s less than a month
left of this knit along, but there is a 100 gram minimum. So if you unravel
something small or unravel a sweater and then just knit something small with it –
only a hundred grams, you could definitely still have time to do this. All the info
can be found in my group or Tayler’s and Celeste’s groups as well. Alright so my
camera battery died and it took a while to recharge the battery. I had some time
to reflect and I realized that I was super rude and I didn’t mention the
awesome prizes that I have for the knit alongs. Clara from Studio C – she is a
yarn dyer and I will link to her Etsy shop below. She also makes project bags,
So she donated a bag for the Great Unravel prize. So this is it. It’s
gorgeous, I love this color, I love this print,
and it has a really nice drawstring closure and there is even a zip pocket
inside. Another prize I have is from Anna of the Dunkelgrun Podcast. She
naturally dyed this skein. This is a merino DK, it’s superwash and she dyed
this with logwood. It is gorgeous – I love this like lavender-y purple color. I’m
going to have two winners: I’m going to have a winner for the overall entries
and then I’m going to have another winner drawn from the people who knit
garments. So the other prize – and this is mine,
so it’s – if it looks used it’s because it is used. And this is made by Stina from stinixaknits.com – I really hope I’m saying that right – I will also link that below,
but she makes these little drawstring project bags and it’s kind of blowing out, but it has these pastel colors – but it’s really cute, it’s a really good size.
Right now I’m putting – I have my granny stripe blanket in here and my project
for the Great Unravel in here as well, so I will get to that later.
Stina has also very generously donated a copy of her new hat pattern. It’s really
cute – so that hat pattern is a DK hat pattern so there will also be a DK skein
of yarn to go with that. I think that’s it. So I am going to pick up where I left
off when my camera died. The other knit along I have going on is the Any Sock’ll Do
KAL. So this is for any socks that you are knitting that you will not be
submitting into another knit along – so there’s pretty much no rules about, like,
what types of socks they are or there’s no minimum for yarn or anything like
that – the only rule is that you are using my KAL because you didn’t want to or you
couldn’t enter your socks into it different knit along.
So everybody should get a chance to win a prize for any pair of socks that they
knit, with mine or somebody else’s knit along, yeah. Okay so I’m going to
jump into it – I’m just going to show you guys what I’ve been working on. Today
might be kind of a weird episode in terms of length or, like, what I end up
talking about because I am trying to squeeze this episode in while I have
family visiting, so whenever they get home I’m just going to have to stop
filming, so we’ll see what I get – we’ll see what I get done today. What I’m
wearing today is my first finished object, and this is the Dechaine Chop –
blugh ~Dechaine Top~ by Laila Rob I think – Laila R A A B E I don’t know how to pronounce
that – I’m gonna say Rob. But anyway so this, I knit out of a – ooo there’s a
really loud plane going across right now – so the yarn for this is a cotton tape
yarn I got it from Wool and the Gang but it’s made by Rowan, and it kind of has
this, like, distressed look to it – i don’t know if you can see it, but it’s kind of
black and then it has – looks like it’s been distressed, and it’s kind of a
taupe-y color. I think they’re calling it “stone washed.”
Anyway I’ll list it below so that you know what yarn I actually used. I haven’t
really ever made anything like this before. It’s definitely a really summery
top. I don’t knit with cotton a lot – this cotton feels. . . it kind of feels more like
linen than the cotton that i have used before which was really soft, and i don’t
want to say this is too crispy like some linen is, because it is soft and
comfortable to wear. Um, but yeah, I really liked knitting – I thought that knitting
with a tape yarn was really fun and it went by really fast because this whole
thing live on size 10 1/2 needles. I will see if I can stand up and show you
what this looks like. I guess I’m not standing up, I’m just scooting back, but
you can kind of see that looks like – and I’m wearing white underneath it so that you
can kind of see the lace a little bit better. Yeah, so I really love this a lot. I did make a few modifications – I knit the
smallest size I believe because it’s so wide, but even though I don’t wear an
extra small, or usually knit an extra small, I figured I didn’t want to be
swamped by it. But the length of the smallest size was comically short it was
like – it just barely covered my chest, and so there was no way I could wear it. So I
just knit an extra few repeats of the lace pattern and just went until I felt
like stopping. It was pretty easy to know when to stop because the swatch that I knit, I blocked, and the gauge actually stayed exactly the same
after blocking, so that actually made it really easy to know when to stop. The
only thing I don’t like about this is even though I knit the same amount of
rows on the back panel as the front, the back is actually super super short
compared to the front. So I’m not really sure what I’m going to do, it’s – it kind of
makes this frown-y shape – it’s like a really wide rectangle, so it kind of
hangs down on the sides, and then the middle goes up like that. It actually –
like, it’s not the worst look, but. . . it’s just – it just hits in kind of a weird
spot for me, and I don’t like that – like, I don’t mind a cropped anything – I like
crop tops, crop t-shirts, or whatever, but I think that it’s weird at the front
hang down lower than the back, and that’s because this lace is kind of a swerve-y
shape, so the bottom kind of makes this swerve and it hangs down much lower, so yeah
I don’t like that. I can’t decide if I want to add some length in the back, but
then I’m not really sure how I would do that because I don’t want – I don’t want
the sides to end up being uneven. I thought about doing some short rows, but
then it has border on the bottom, like a garter border, across the back at the
bottom, and then so if I just short rows just to kind of even it out and make it
flat instead of this frown-y shape, than I’m not really sure how I would
incorporate that border. Of course I do have the option of just ripping back and
re-knitting it, but I’m just like, not really sure how I want to go about it. I
also might just leave it and deal. So that’s the story of this top. But I really
like it – I think the color is really nice, I like the texture that this stone washed yarn has. I really wanted to use a suggested yarn
which was the Quinton Co Kestrel, which is like an aran-weight linen yarn, and
I just couldn’t afford it, unfortunately. I spend a lot of money on
wool, but that’s the kind of thing, like I don’t knit with linen a lot, and I didn’t
want to drop that much on a yarn I’ve never seen or touched in person, and on a
fiber that I don’t really use. Honestly, the stone washed Rowan from Wool and the
Gang – it’s actually kind of about the same price if you end up getting the
same yardage, but I had a coupon! I had a half-off coupon, so that made it worth
it, and now I know, and I’m happy using that yarn again. The guage ended up being
I think pretty close to what was recommended in the pattern so yeah, there
you go. So that’s it for this top – I have another finished object show you. If you
follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen it already, but I have finished my
Parachutey! Okay so in the last episode you guys saw the beginnings of this, and
it’s been so long since I’ve filmed that I have just completely finished it and
worn it and blocked it and all that good stuff since then. So here it is – it is
awesome. I love it. I think everybody needs a
Parachutey in their life. I knit the size large – if you’re not aware this is
like more of a tank top pattern. I’m very short, so I figured if I knit a couple
sizes larger, it would be close enough to mini-dress length, so I did. I knit the
size large, and the only modification I made was to do the size small for the
neck shaping, which is really easy to do because I have – I don’t really have broad
shoulders – I’m pretty short and yeah, it ended up working perfectly. The only
thing was, after I finished, it wasn’t quite long enough to be like something I
could actually call a dress, so I just added this bottom stripe and the border.
So normally this i-cord border would be up here, but I actually – I think I really
like the stripe on the bottom. I think that it makes it look more complete and
kind of ties together the front and the back panel. I didn’t plan on this, but I
really ended up liking it after I did it: I kind of did this – I don’t know if you
can call it an ombre, but I had more of this Madeline Tosh “the Radness” speckle,
and then I thinned it out as I got to the bottom and then I did the opposite
with the neon. But for most of these, I did a mohair neon, so it’s slightly see-through
in the back, which I really like. And then at the bottom I actually got really
tired of knitting with the mohair, because I was using some blunt needles,
and it was actually pretty difficult to knit with this mohair with the needles I
had, and I didn’t want to knit this whole big stripe with that yarn in those
needles, so I just switched to a 4 ply merino in the same color, and it worked
perfectly. This is actually my own hand- dyed that I had already dyed, but it – it’s –
it exactly matches this neon, so it worked out perfectly, and also that is the
stripe that goes across my butt, and nobody needs to see that through my
dress. I do have to wear something underneath it regardless because this is
the arm opening. It goes past my waist, so this is more of
like a cover-up, or I wear like, a bodycon dress underneath it, and yeah. Because it
still is on the – it’s pretty short, like it’s a really short dress, but it’s so
wide and flow-y that it kind of doesn’t really matter, but I love it – it’s so fun.
I wore this – the first time I wore this was on my Paris trip with Ben last week.
I finished it and blocked it the day before we left and I was so excited that
I was going to be able to wear it, and I put it on and we went to La Bien Aimee
and I bought some yarn and it was amazing. So yeah, I’m really pleased with
this. I want to make another one but I think I’m going to – I might wait till
next spring because if I make another one now it’s going to be the exact same
colors because I just don’t have that many more scraps to work with. Okay, so
I’m going to get into works-in-progress now because that’s all I have finished. I
only have a couple going on. I actually have a bunch of things on the needles
right now, but everything I’ve shown you guys, like the Sincerely Luiz kit, I
actually haven’t done any work on since I last showed it to you, so I’m not going
to pull it out. But yeah, I do have a couple of things to show you. So, first
thing is some leg warmers I’m making. Normally this is the kind of project I
would do two-at-a-time, but I’m not using a pattern for this, I’m kind of creating
my own thing. So here’s the first one – it looks really weird, but I am making these
for a dancer, and I don’t want to say who it is because they’re a gift – okay sorry my camera died so. . . Yeah, so
here I switched to a 2.75 millimeter – I don’t remember what the US size is but I
think 1 is 2.5, so when – I just went up a tiny bit, but I switched
to a bigger needle and then I also switch to stockinette, and the first
couple rows after the rib section, I increased from 56 to 89 stitches. So I
evenly spaced from – so for three rows in a row, I increased 11 stitches per row,
spread around equally – ~evenly spaced~ I can’t talk today. So after I’m done with
these, if anybody likes them enough, like it’s not like, a complicated pattern – I’d
be happy to write it down if anybody wants to make some like this, but I
thought that these would be good for dancers because I have some leg warmers
and I know what I hate about them. If you want them to be functional, they – they
have to have some sort of design to them that – like, some sort of reason to be the
way that they are. So the thing that I hate the most is when they’re baggy too
much and they slip under my heel, or if they have a heel opening, they’re like
too big around the foot or something, because I have smaller feet than the
average adult person I think, and there’s usually just like too much going on around my foot, and
even if I’m wearing leg warmers I still want to be able to see the line that I’m
making with my foot and my ankle and what I’m shooting for is like my dream
leg warmer for dance, so we’ll see how it goes. So I think what I’m going to do is
keep the stockinette tube the same width up to the knee, and then at the knee, I’m going
to do another 2×2 rib, but it’ll be wider just to fit around the knee instead of
the ankle, and I can’t decide if I want to make them long enough to fold over or
not. And so you might be wondering what the crazy yarn is – I’m going to give you
close up. It is actually two different yarns. One yarn is this self-striping
Opal yarn – I’m so sorry, I’m really bad about throwing away the tags and I don’t
remember what the color way is, but it’s cute – it has like pastel pink and yellow
and some green and black kind of speckle-y stripes in there. Okay so the other
yarn I’ve got is this Zauberball, and it is a fuchsia color that kind of – it’s
kind of a gradient. It goes from a pink to like a hot fuchsia and then into a
deeper magenta-purple and there’s some red in there, so I really like this. And
so the way I’m doing these leg warmers is by changing yarns every row, and I
think that the effect is really cool. I got the idea from Casey Mara. She had a
pair of socks on her Instagram that was two different self striping yarns like
this, and she was switching them every other row and they looked amazing. And I
wanted to do the same thing instead of do one stripe and then one gradient, but
I couldn’t find a second self-striping yarn that I thought
would work well with this, so I just went with the gradient just to see what would
happen kind of as an experiment and I really like it! I’m really hoping that
there is enough left over of both these to make maybe a pair of ankle socks or
something for myself but we’ll see! Because I don’t know how long I’m going
to make these, because like I said, there’s no pattern – I’m just kind of
winging it, and I’m keeping track of everything I do in my notebook so that
making the second one won’t be as experimental, and that they can match
perfectly. Yeah I actually knit all the way up to the knee before. I did the
increases really differently, and they fit me pretty well but I was worried
that they wouldn’t fit her as well. It was more complicated so I just – I ripped
back to the ribbing to do the increases all in one place instead of kind of
gradually getting bigger because I thought that they’d be more versatile
that way. So yeah, I had a lot more done and then yesterday is when I ripped back,
so I did all of this last night and this morning. Yeah that’s about it for the leg
warmers. I will hopefully have these done very soon because I want to give these
to the intended recipient very soon. Alright so my next work in progress is my
project for the Great Unravel 2017, and I am a really bad podcaster and have not
even shown this yet. I’m co-hosting this knit along and I, like, hadn’t even cast it on
for this project until very recently. I started it very shortly after my last
episode which was about a month ago, but here it is. It kind of doesn’t look like
anything. I’m making a market bag. I wanted to create something that kind of
went along with the theme of reusing and recycling, etc. and I only have about a
hundred grams unraveled because the garments
that I chose to unravel, I didn’t like the yarn or I just kind of screwed it up
in the process and accidentally cut into it, and I just like didn’t get as much
yarn if I wanted to. I am still looking – I have been back to thrift stores a few
times and I cannot find a wool sweater to unravel. Almost everything I’ve found is
either partly acrylic or I just really hated the color or, you know. So I have
had some pretty bad luck in that regard but I did get some cotton acrylic blend
and I thought that that would be a really good type of yarn to use for a
market bag, and I really like this color and I’d wear this color, but I don’t like
to way it feels so I didn’t want to make another garment or accessory out of it.
So I’m doing a market bag, and here it is. There’s not a lot to show – it’s kind of
hard to see, but it is really hole-y and purple. So that’s what’s happening. This
pattern is a free pattern – I don’t think you can download it on Ravelry but it’s
a – you can click on the link to the blog where it’s posted. It is called the
“Weightless Produce Bag” by Julie Tarsha. Tayler posted a picture of her produce
bag that she’s doing, and I thought it was the same one but it’s actually not,
so I was wrong, um, but they’re very similar. There’s a lot of patterns like
this on Ravelry and it’s going pretty quick. I just have had a lot of projects
on the needles lately, and so all of them have kind of been slow progress and I
just – this is kind of my on-the-go knitting because it was really easy to
memorize this hole-y lace pattern. So yeah, not that exciting to show, but I
just figured I would show it because this is a knit along that I’m co-hosting,
and I’ve been really bad and not been sharing a whole lot about it. Um yeah, but
actually a lot of the projects shared in my Ravelry group are amazing. People are
doing awesome things with their recycled yarn. It’s been really cool to see
people’s progress, so definitely go check it out. So this is my last work-in-progress on my show today. It’s not the only thing left on the needles that
I’ve got, but the only thing that is new or that, you know, everything else I
either haven’t really worked on, so I’m not going to show it.
Unfortunately, I can’t actually tell you what it is because it is a super-secret
test-knit for a super cool designer that I’m really excited about, and I started
it and unfortunately, like, this pattern the test-knitters are encouraged to like,
make modifications, we just have to keep track of everything. So it’s not a really
like, set-in-stone pattern, so there’s a lot of modifications that are left up to
us, a lot of options for the design. So it has required a little bit of improvising,
which also means that all the progress that I made on it, I frogged yesterday. So
this is all that’s left. I can say that it is a top down garment,
and so I had knit a few inches of, you know, the top part of it, but it wasn’t –
there was an issue with the neckline so I frogged it and I have restarted it, so
it has an i-cord neckline and this is it. So now that I’ve recast on, I can start
knitting for real, and I will share a like, little close-up shots of how the
yarn is knitting up and stuff but I can’t say like, what it is. I really wish
I could share because I feel like it’s going to be exciting and I don’t know.
Since a lot of it is left up to the knitter in terms of the fit and
colors and whatnot, that I feel like I would have a lot to talk about while I’m
knitting this, so I’m kind of bummed that I can’t share it, but I’m really excited
about the finished product. So since it is a test-knit, I will be keeping lots of
notes on this project so when it’s finished, I may or may not have a lot to
say about the Knitting process and I’ll definitely share it all then.
The yarn I’m using is my own hand-dyed yarn. This project – another thing about it
is that there was no information given to us on how much yardage or how much
weight we would need to complete the project, because it – there’s like also the
option to use different weights. Like I’m doing fingering, but you could also knit
the same thing in DK but like on different sized needles. So, like, part of
our – part of the test-knitters’ job is to keep track of weight and yardage. So I was
like, well I don’t want to just go out and buy like, a ton of yarn and get a
bunch of extra just in case I run out since I didn’t know how much I – you know,
I can guesstimate, but if I don’t have enough then that’s like, really bad,
especially with hand-dyed when you want to get things that are kind of dyed
in the same batch, but I did have this superfine merino. I had six skeins of it,
and it is really really soft. It’s an ultra fine merino, it’s non superwash,
which I’m glad that worked out because the superwash always stretches for me,
so for this garment I really wanted to make sure that the fit was going to be
perfect, and that it easier to do with a non superwash, because the blocked
finished object is going to be closer to the work-in-progress
than it would be if it was superwash. And even if I do a swatch and I block it
and I calculate like, how much it grew after blocking, it’s – it’s still never
quite the same when you’ve knit a whole garment out of it,
it stretches differently, at least in my experience. So that worked out I – I only
have six of these left, and I thought that that was a pretty safe number for
this project, so I dyed them three at a time. I had two batches of three skeins
and they turned out – I mean I dyed them simultaneously just in two different
pots, and they turned out pretty different. So here’s one of them.
This is from like, my “first batch” and I call it the first one because they went
in the pot first but I really did them all at the same time. It’s really pretty,
I like it. Most of the dye process was very similar
to the colorway I dyed that ended up in my So Faded sweater. The middle color,
which I call Virgo, it’s kind of this mauve-y with oranges and blues in it. So I
did mostly the same dye process, I just did less pink and purple. This is from
the second batch, and they actually are pretty close, but I just think that this
batch turned out more vibrant for some reason. I’m not really sure why because I
really measured everything and I did everything all the same. I don’t know if
this ended up having more citric acid or something in the dye bath, but I don’t
know. So I’m just going to alternate every row as much as I can.
Yeah, and this is what it looks like all balled up. Yeah, I’m excited so I’ll
share as much as I can without, you know, being disavowed from being a test-knitter, but yeah I’m really excited and I’m really excited to see how my
hand-dyed knits up and yeah. The due date for this is July 31st, so it won’t be
that long before you guys get to see the finished product. That’s it for Works-in-Progress. I’ll it in to Fluff Stuff now which is where I’m just going to do
knitting-related chit chat stuff. Like I mentioned, I went to La Bien Aimee when I
was in Paris last week, which was amazing and I had a
really hard time picking out yarn. Yeah. So when I shop for yarn, I will typically –
like, if I’m getting yarn as a souvenir I’ll typically get really fun colors, and
like one skein of each – I’ll buy single skeins, but right now I just feel like I
have a lot of single skeins and it’s like getting a little out of control. I
really enjoy having bright colorful hand- dyed single skeins in my stash to do
lots of scrappy projects, because I really enjoy those, but at the same time,
like there’s only so many scrappy projects you can do, there’s only so many
pairs of socks that I even want. I’m kind of over knitting shawls right now
because the amount of shawls that I have that are complete, I really love them all
and there’s so many gorgeous designs out there, but I just really don’t wear them
enough to justify knitting like $80 worth of yarn into a shawl that’s just
going to sit in my drawer. It just kind of makes me sad. So yeah I really enjoy
knitting them and I like the creative process of picking out colors that will
look great in a shawl together and I love the fabric that they make, but I – I
don’t think I’m going to be knitting very many shawls coming up. I’m just not
like a big shawl wearer. I mostly just wear them because I knit them and like, I
enjoy wearing something that I completed like not just because it’s a shawl. Like,
I would never buy a shawl in a store. I’m pretty much only
going to wear a shawl that I made or if somebody gifted me one or something, yeah.
I don’t know, that’s just how I feel right now. So where was I going with that,
oh yeah, that’s why I don’t want to be shopping for single skeins of stuff for
a while now. Yeah, so I was thinking maybe I’ll get a sweater’s quantity of
something, even though that was like, a little bit more money than I wanted to
spend, but I think that I’d rather spend a little bit more and get a sweater’s
quantity of something than add more stuff to my stash that isn’t really
necessary in the moment. Not that buying a sweater’s quantity of yarn is necessary for
me by any means. I already have like five sweater’s quantities of different yarns
in my stash just like, waiting to be turned into sweaters. Anyway, I’m going to
show the yarn now. Here it is. This is just one skein, but I got four of these,
and this is the La Bien Aimee “Driftwood Graffiti” (that’s the name of the colorway).
It is this gorgeous like, taupe-y-silver color with these like, rusty, mustardy
colors speckled in. And this base is 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere.
This is not a typical base that I buy for a garment, but it was just so soft
and gorgeous, and I love this colorway and at the moment they didn’t have any
of this colorway in the shop on the merino bases or the stock bases, so I
just went with it, and I thought I’d treat myself. It has a little bit of Kashmir
in it, it’s really really soft, it has a nice halo to it (it’s not too much of a
halo but it is a little bit fuzzy), and I thought it’d be fun to try something new.
So another reason I’ve got a sweater quantity of this is because if I bought
a single skein of this base, I have no idea what I
would do with it, because it just doesn’t seem right to mix this with merino or
with a sock yarn. I just couldn’t really picture what I would have done, so yeah. I
decided I’m going to knit something like, really drape-y and beautiful with this
awesome yarn. Also amy was there. I don’t know if she’s watching, but hi, Aimee, thank
you so much for all your help! But she told me that this base is not available
in their online shop and so that kind of sealed the deal for me. When I buy yarn
as a souvenir I like to get something that I can’t get anywhere else or that’s
harder to or like, something local to that area, so the fact that you can only
get this in their brick and mortar shop just kind of like, justified me
spending that much, I guess, on a sweater’s quantity. I think right now I want to knit
the Tegna – I don’t know if it’s called Tegna – I don’t know how to pronounce it, but it is
by Caitlin Hunter, and is a t-shirt that is kind of boxy and it flares a little
bit and has this lace at the hem and it is so pretty, and it – it’s been on my list
to knit for a while, but I just couldn’t figure out what yarn I wanted to use, and
I think that this will be perfect because the alpaca has a totally
different drape then wool does. So I think that’s going to turn out really nice. If I get
enough done on my test knit, then I’ll go ahead and cast this on as well if I
think that I can finish my test knit in time. Yeah another thing I want to show. . .
Some more yarn that I got yesterday. I went to a medieval fest a few villages
over here in Germany, and there was a spinner there and she had a booth and
she had a bunch of hand-spun and a bunch of like, hand-dyed roving and stuff
that she was selling, and it was like super affordable. I feel like hand-spun
is usually really expensive, but she has really reasonable prices and I don’t
have a lot of hand-spun. I have a little bit in my stash, but I don’t usually buy
it because I feel like it’s too special to knit with, like I never know what to do
with it, unless you have like a huge quantity, like – I – but I can’t usually
afford a sweater’s quantity of hand-spun at a time. Like, that’s not something that
I typically buy. So I just thought that I would get this skein because I was super
drawn to the colors. Like, it’s a little bit crazy, but I just really liked these
colors and from far away, it’s kind of a neutral. So this is 100% merino, 2ply.
it’s kind of a thick-and-thin, but it’s mostly pretty chunky, and it’s 81 grams.
And this was only 8 euro, which is super cheap, I think, for hand-spun. And she
had a lot of – a lot of yarn that was closer to 100 grams, or 130 grams, or
something like that, for like, 20 euro or something which is like, outrageous. I
think that’s so cheap for hand-spun. Like the amount of time it takes the spin
yarn, the effort and like, how much knowledge and practice it takes to get a
nice even yarn, I don’t know, I just – I don’t know. But she was a really nice lady.
Unfortunately, I like, didn’t get a card or anything, so I don’t know if I’m gonna
be able to get more, but she had – she had alpaca roving, which I’ve never seen. It
was so soft and squishy and I just wanted it because it was so soft, but
this – what would I even do with that, I’m so bad at spinning, I wouldn’t want to
like, destroy it, but yeah, I don’t know. It was special and
I wasn’t expecting to buy any yarn there, we just went to go like, have a beer, walk
around and like, look at people’s funny costumes, and it was
really fun and I found yarn and that was awesome.
Another thing I want to mention that’s knitting related is my Reis Sweater, or
Reis Sweater, however it’s pronounced, that I showed a few weeks back is now
frogged, so we will take a moment to remember the sweater. Goodbye Reis, I had fun knitting it and
I learned a lot about my choices in color and yarn, but I think that yarn is
going to be better used in something else, and now that I know what the
texture is like after knitting it up, I’m going to be able to make better choices
for when I knit it for real, and I’ll probably do that in the fall, and I’ll
think harder about the colors before I cast on next time. Sorry my phone is blowing
up right now. Yeah so I think that’s it for fluff stuff because that’s all the
like knitting related chit chat I’ve got. If you want to hear a little bit about
my life and like, why I haven’t been podcasting recently, I’ll talk about that
in Block It Out, which is coming next. So if you were just here for the knitting
stuff, then thanks for hanging out, and if you enjoy my videos, then I would super
appreciate a subscribe or like or both, because that helps more people see my
videos, and more subscribers means more giveaways. I have one coming up soon that
I’ll probably announce next week. Thanks again for hanging out and I’ll see you
next time! Alright so for block it out: first things first, I have to tell you
guys why I’ve been gone. I haven’t really been ~gone~ gone, I just like haven’t had
any time to film and like I said last time, I’m done apologizing for life
happening. I don’t think that anybody’s actually hurt by me not podcasting so
there it is. I would love to get a video out once a week. The problem with that is
that I have a small window where I can film and have time to edit in a
reasonable amount of time, and if I miss that window, then I just pretty
much have to miss the whole week. So the week after my last podcast, I had a dance
performance. We were doing like, a big Alice in Wonderland show and there was
rehearsals every single day, and the rehearsals were really long because they were pretty
much running through the whole show, and I was at the beginning of the show and
the end of the show and so in between it just had to like, sit around for hours. So
I got a lot of knitting done, but I wasn’t able to be home that much that week. Yeah,
that just kind of took up the whole week and so I was like, I’ll just podcast next
week. The next week I got my wisdom teeth out on Monday, and I usually film on a
Friday or over the weekend, and so I figured, my surgery on Monday like, I
would totally be recovered enough to film by the weekend. What I did not take
into account with the fact that my mood was just in the pits, like it was – it took
a long time to recover – I’m actually still recovering, and I got my wisdom
teeth out. . . yeah I got my wisdom teeth out on June 5th and it is now the 25th, so 20
days – oh my gosh I didn’t even realize it’d been that long. So 20 days later I
still have some swelling inside. I got all four out at the same time, so it was
like a big thing, but for like, the first two weeks after there was a lot of
swelling and a lot of pain. I was still on lots of painkillers, I was really
fuzzy and like, I didn’t do any knitting at all because I was pretty much just a
wreck. Like I just watched a lot of TV. I tried as much as I could to get back to
normal life, because I can’t like – I can’t just stop life for two weeks just
because I’m in a bad mood because my mouth hurts, but the problem was like – the
painkillers, I didn’t feel safe driving around if I was taking them. They made me
a little foggy and I felt like I just couldn’t focus on anything because I had
this constant throbbing. Yeah. So I tried as much as I could to get back to life but
it – it just wasn’t the same. It just took me a long time to recover and it still
hurt – like if I press on my jaw it actually still hurts and
it’s still a little swollen on the inside. The good thing is the – most of the
swelling has gone down and the like, constant throbbing pain has not come
back. I haven’t had to take my pain killers in about a week so that’s good.
Get your wisdom teeth out before you’re 29. They – I remember the dentist telling
me like, you’re going to have a rough time recovering because like, you’re much
older than you should be getting these out, And I was like I’m not even 30 yet,
like, I’m still young right? And then like, he was – he was totally right. He was like you
should have gotten these out when you were 18 so, if you have the chance just get them out.
Get them out while you can recover quickly. Not to mention the fact that
like, if you’ve been watching this podcast from the beginning you know that I
am horrible with like, dental stuff. I have a lot of anxiety when people start
poking around in my mouth. I hate it, and I was super nervous before the procedure
and just, I don’t know, it was not – not a good experience. Yeah so anyway, after
that week, that’s like, you know, like even though I was still like, basically
functioning, there was kind of no point doing an episode because I was – couldn’t focus on anything, and the fact that like, I didn’t really have much to show that week
because I wasn’t knitting that week. But the week after, I was in Paris, and I
thought about doing like, some little vlog or something, or getting some
footage of being there, or trying to get an episode really quick before we left,
but there was just so much to do before we left, just getting everything in order,
and my in-laws are here now. They came two days after we got back from Paris.
So before we left on our trip, we had to make sure that house was like, you know,
ready for house guests, and packing and all that good stuff.
So just like, you know, my window for filming came and went and I didn’t have
any opportunity to do it, and now my in-laws are here, so I’m filming today.
They are hanging out with my husband.
He had a performance. He plays jazz, and so he had a performance this morning in
a town that is about two hours away, so they went and did that, and I see him
play all the time so it’s like, it’s not the end of the world if i miss an
opportunity to see him play, but they never – they haven’t seen him play in like,
years and years, so they definitely wanted to do that and they are stopping
at a few touristy places on their way back, so I am taking the opportunity
while everybody’s out of the house to sit down and do this. But yeah, that’s what’s
going on with me. That’s why I just like, haven’t even been around to do this. I
have missed doing it, I really enjoy doing this every week, and I like
engaging with other knitters online, but yeah. I – I promise that I will film
episodes when I can film episodes, I just can’t promise that it’s going to be
super regular all the time. Other than just letting you know what’s been going
on, I don’t really have a whole lot to share life-wise. Right now, we’re just –
we’re kind of in vacation mode because we have family visiting, we’re going to
be out of town next week, we’re going to do a little road trip to Munich and
we’re going to see some castles and we’re going to see some awesome scenery,
so I will get – hopefully get some video footage of that and photos to share with
you guys. But yeah another thing is that Ben is deploying at the end of August
and he’s going to be gone for three months, so we’re really just taking this
summer to spend a lot of time together, and as much free time as we have, we want
to have memorable experiences, and go on little trips and hang out with people
that we love, so yeah. that is going to affect my you know
podcasting a little bit. This is still a priority to me so I will still be
doing this. I’m obviously going to keep knitting, and as long as I keep knitting
I’m going to have stuff to share with you guys. But there’s not a
whole lot of other stuff going on. In my dance world, that is also kind of on hold
because the semester ends at the end of June, so there’s only like, one more week
left of actual classes, and then they kind of go into a summer schedule, which
means only Thursdays are classes, so they put – like all the classes that they offer
are kind of squished into every Thursday. So it’s going to be like, a lot of mixed
levels and like, mixed attendance so like, you kind of never know what it’s going
to be like, and yeah I felt like I was really getting in a groove and like,
really improving and getting good workouts all the time, and making dance
priority meant that I was like, getting better exercise and going more regularly,
and now this is just kind of like, throwing a wrench into the works, so yeah,
we’ll – we’ll see what happens. I think I’m going to try to take a few private
lessons just to keep the momentum going. But yeah after the show – after we did our
Alice in Wonderland show – I got really excited about ballet. Like, I think that
the reason is because I’ve never really performed like, on a stage. I’ve always
done classes because I think that they’re really fun, but I’ve never had an
opportunity to like, dance on an actual stage in front of an actual audience.
Yeah so that was a totally new experience for me, and it was just really
fun. Like, I had a lot of fun doing it and I got super excited about it, and I was like,
oh maybe I should have a podcast about dancing so I can just talk all about
ballet to only people who want to hear about it, um, but I can’t like, barely keep
up with my knitting podcast so there’s – I had to like, talk myself down out of this
excitement and just like, reason with myself, and tell myself one podcast at a
time, like I can’t have two because I can barely handle the one. So, you know, to
kind of make a compromise with myself, I made another Instagram account that is
like, all my ballet stuff, because I’m finding that
this adult ballet community – like non- professional adult ballet dancers have a
huge Instagram community, and a lot of them do have YouTube channels, and so I’m
kind of just discovering this whole world of people who like, really really
love dancing but they’re not professionals and it’s a really
welcoming community. You don’t have to be like, the perfect ballerina or even have
like, the perfect dancer body or whatever to – to share what you’re doing and to be
excited about it. so that’s been really motivating to me. It
can be a little bit discouraging when like your feet or your flexibility don’t
look exactly like all the people who are posting on Instagram, but then you find
people that do you look like you and it’s really exciting, and reading about
other people struggling the same things but I’m struggling with, it’s just
comforting and I can feel like I can share what I’m doing without, you know,
mean internet people telling me that my legs aren’t long enough. So yeah, that’s
been – that’s been fun to discover. So I think that’s actually it for this week. I
need to stop filming so that I can start editing because, like I said, there’s family
in town, I have limited time. They’re away today, but when they’re back I need to
spend time with them and not – not be on the computer editing all day. Yeah it’s
good to be back. Thank you so much for watching, and I hope to see you guys, not
in a month, but, you know, closer to a week or two
weeks when I have time to do the next episode. So, you know, say hi in the
comments! Let me know what you guys’ve been up to. If you’re doing the knit alongs,
be sure to get over to the group and enter your knit
along pictures and experiences and if you have an FO, I am excited to see it. So
yeah! I’ll see you guys next time, and thanks again for watching and always
remember, home is where the stash is! Bye!

17 thoughts on “WOOLJEWEL: Ep. 13 – I’m still here!

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    The yarn you dyed up for your "super secret knitting project" is gorgeous! All of the colors look beautiful together. I'm excited to see the finished project!

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