Wrapunzel Layered Shira Tails with LACE!!

Wrapunzel Layered Shira Tails with LACE!!

Good morning, everyone! I’m just getting ready
for my day, and I’d like you to get ready with me. Um, I’m going be doing the Shira
Tails Wrap today. The Shira Tails is named after our friend Shira, and it has tails,
and we do have a video tutorial of her doing it, but for some reason it seems difficult
for people to find, and it was done very impromptu at one of our shows, so. I’m messing up my
tichel here. I have not had caffeine yet, so you’re seeing me bright and early in the
morning. Anyway, our friend Shira wears this style very often, and that’s why it’s named
after her. And I’m just gonna do a tutorial of it, because it seems as if everyone’s always
asking about it and can’t seem to find the tutorial very easily. So, the way I do it
is I’m wearing a pashmina underneath. I’m gonna show you the basic technique of the
Shira Tails, but it’s actually quite a bit simpler than I’m making it look here, because
I’m going to do a layered style. So I’m just going to bunch it up at the back. You can
either criss-cross or tie a knot. If you are having a headache, then you should tie a knot.
If you are not, then you know, you can…Sorry, if you are having a headache, you should not
tie a knot, oh my goodness, my brain. And if you are not having a headache, then you
should do whatever you want. I’m tying a knot today, so there you see, that I have the back
like this. Now, usually when you tie a pashmina with both ends equal, there’s one end that’s
slightly shorter, one end that’s slightly longer, that’s just, we’re all human, that
all happens. So what I’m going to do is I’m gonna take the slightly shorter end, because
I’m going to use the longer end for layering later, and I’m gonna wrap it around the back.
And you don’t have to worry about this being neat, except that you want it to be near the
back because you want your volume near the back. But don’t worry about it being neat,
and then just tuck it in, to itself, there you go. And now I’m gonna put on top of this,
it’s a black pashmina. Yes, I’m wearing black, believe it or not. I’m wearing now the blue
and black midnight Lakeshore Bliss, and here is a black pashmina. Once again, I’m folding
it to fit my head. If you need instructions on how to do this, we have many videos on
it, so definitely hit that up. So, the second one, I’m gonna be tying with one end shorter,
and one end longer. Now, I find, with my head shape, that you want the shorter end to be
reaching about this area of your shoulder, because you want the two tails to be even.
Wow, I am not making sense. I really shouldn’t make videos before I have caffeine, should
I? I hope I’m making sense for all of you. So, same thing, I’m gonna tie it at the back.
Now, because I have the tail sticking out, I’m gonna tie it so that the shorter end comes
out underneath the knot. If you’re left-handed, you might need to switch the way you normally
tie knots. So, see how this tail is coming out underneath, instead of coming out on top?
There we go. And I have it nicely layered at the front. There’s my tail. And now I’m
gonna do, before I do the actual Shira Tails part, and again, you don’t have to do this.
I could’ve just wrapped this whole thing underneath, but I wanted to do a Layered Shira Tails.
I’m gonna be bringing this up and around, and then just tucking it right here. There
we go. Wanna make sure the ends are looking even and nicely layered. And last but not
least, this fringe, the bane of all of our existence. Fringe, fringe, fringe. And this
wrap is wonderful because actually, it does sit snugly on your head, but it really just
feels like a nice, warm hug around your head, it’s perfect for the winter because you have
these two tails hanging down, and it’s warm. So, the second part I’m gonna do is like this,
and now you have this little end here, the black. I’m gonna stick my finger here. See,
I’ve got my finger here? I’m gonna bring this around back, and I’m gonna stick it through
here. Now can you see how it went through here, like that? And there we have the Shira
Tails. It’s beautiful. Nice and cozy, so perfect for this weather. And it’s so warm and so
lovely. And if you want even more volume, you can add either another pashmina underneath,
anything you want. Oh, I’m not even wearing earrings. Okay. Forgive me, ladies. I’m gonna
go put on earrings as soon as this video is over. It would look better with earrings.
Now I have an exciting announcement to make, and I’m gonna make this before we even have
them online, so that you have something to look forward to. But we are now going to be
carrying gorgeous lace, um, sashes to be used in your tichels. And they are incredible,
made from, like, beautiful, beautiful stretch lace, in gorgeous colors. I’m just gonna demonstrate
what you can do with them. I’m actually, we just got them this morning, so I’m not, I
haven’t actually experimented with it yet, but I definitely want to experiment and show
you how gorgeous this is gonna look. See, while I love the black, I’m not really into
wearing black very often, so I’m gonna place this here and tie it underneath, and it’s
just so, so stretchy and beautiful. I’m loving it. Love, love, love. And yeah, I could have
layered it at the beginning, but I wanted to surprise you at the end of the video. So
I’m gonna fold it and put it like this. You can basically fo to, like, really just have
fun with it. I’m actually, whoa, this is so pretty. Love, love, love. Okay, so when you’re
done with the lace, then you can just tie it. And because it’s stretchy, it really won’t
hurt your head and it lies so flat and so nice. It’s taken us a long time to search
out the perfect lace for tichel-tying. And then you can just tuck it in the back. I tuck
it underneath my knots right here. Ooh, I’m in love. Yes, I’m in love with lace, don’t
judge me. I’m in love with my husband too, but, you know, lace is good. Okay, so there
we have the Shira Tails and the new announcement about the lace, which will be coming out soon.
We just have to get all our colors straightened out, and figure out how we’re going to be
putting them online, but they will be coming out soon. And, enjoy. I hope you are all having
a lovely day. Imagine me with earrings, and I’ll talk to you all soon. Bye bye!

14 thoughts on “Wrapunzel Layered Shira Tails with LACE!!

  1. Beautiful Andrea, you look good in all videos.  I know how hard it is to try to show and talk while you are doing a video.  I have a hard time finding the right words, while concentrating in what I am trying to do.  You know the crix cross tichel video you did?  I saw some jihabs that it looks like the crix cross online, it is like it is either a volumizer or somekind of head covering that comes with the scarf/tichel.  I am thinking in playing with some material and making one, it probably has to be done like the apron tichel to cover the rest of the head, or it could be just enough to be cover the front and top of the head.  I will have to see, I will probably try this in Feb. because I am extremely busy in Jan.  Thank you Andrea and Malka for all you do for us ladies that enjoy covering our heads and teaching us to look beautiful.  I have learned much from you two young beautiful ladies.

  2. I have a question that I hope you'll be able to answer (in a video, comment or any other way). I'm getting married in a few months and thought I'd try to wear a tichel at home just to get the feel of it. When I'd had the tichel on my head for about 10 minutes I felt nauseous and got a head ache. Is this normal or did I do something wrong when tying the tichel? Thankful for an answer. Love your videos!

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