[WWW S2 I Skincare] $260 Worth of Eye Cream: Which One is the Best? #EP3

[WWW S2 I Skincare] $260 Worth of Eye Cream: Which One is the Best? #EP3

Alright! The second one that I have brought is Pyunkang Yul’s ice cream… eye cream. (super delicious)
Please put that in. Hey guys! Welcome back to WWW! I’m your host Coco and this is also your host, Eddie. Edward. Hi. Welcome back. Welcome back, Coco. Nice to see you again this week. You look very excited today! I’m so excited today because we’re gonna be talking about eye creams. And we have so many of them. Today we are gonna be talking about the most very expensive eye cream. La Mer, The Eye Concentrate ice… eye cream. And it’s very… This is $260. I feel like this spatula is probably like $50 already. I know, right? That’s probably where the 50 is. But even it is over $17 per gram! Ridiculous. Ridiculously expensive. Um, I actually have tried this eye cream. Your girl has very bad dark circles, and I’m very desperate to find, like the perfect eye cream. So I have actually tried this. I’m gonna be so honest. It has done nothing! I expected so much from it, but nothing. For me, wrinkles. Yes. Having happers, so the wrinkles are on the side, but I don’t like it. Their main ingredients, or whatever, it’s like seaweed, like sea, marine. La Mer is actually ‘the sea’ in French. It’s just very creamy, it’s very hydrating. But it doesn’t really last that long. This one. It’s a pretty light-weighted texture. While a lot of other stuff here we’re about to show is much thicker!! Which I personally feel the thicker would be better. But that would be up to the viewers. So the first one. We’ve got Benton Fermentation Eye Cream. It contains high-quality fermented ingredients. So kind of in continuation of our first episode where we talked about essences and fermented things. It entered the top 5 of this really famous Korean beauty program. But also, it’s hypoallergenic. It doesn’t have any harmful, irritating ingredients. So, probably a really good option for sensitive skin. This is… gonna be a running theme in our skincare videos, where they all look the same. It feels 촉촉해(moist)! It’s moisturizing! The La Mer, you describe it as light, gel sort of texture. But with this, it’s more of… like a matte-ish. Yeah. It has a little bit of a matte finish. It kind of feels like frosting. Yeah. But it is really – Oh, I really use this a lot – moisturizing. It’s really moisturizing. -As it should be.
-As it should be, right. Anyways, it’s good! And how much… is this? This one? Price check, please! -Never mind, I was just kidding.
-Yeah? Okay. Okay, the second one I brought in is Pyunkang Yul’s Eye Cream. I keep trying to say ‘ice cream.’ It’s right here. This package. Look at this. So extra. Yeah. When I first saw the package, it came in a box. So I was like ‘What?’ It was really big, but this explains. In a very beautiful container. -So… 고급스러워(luxurious).
-Yeah. Ta-da! You get 50 little packages. Travel size, and I love how they came up with this idea because it’s super hygienic. Yeah. Compared to those pots that you have to keep dipping into… Right. Honestly, it gets kind of annoying. So later, I just start to use my fingers. Also when they have a cap on top, I just throw it out. I don’t… yeah. Anyway. I still use the cap, though. And you can use each packet for just like… It lasts two or three days, actually. When I first thought, I was like ‘Only 50?’ But the cream itself is super thick. -But a tiny bit goes long, long way.
-Yeah. So when you squeeze it out… Ta-da! It has almost like a sherbet… sherbet texture. Like it’s whipped and fluffy. -Yeah, it’s so fluffy.
-It’s so moisturizing. This is why I keep saying ‘ice cream.’ It kind of feels like ice cream. And it melts into your skin. I like… a little bit more meat in my eye cream, because you feel like you’re getting something out of it. Right. Especially with the skin around your eyes being so thin, you want something that will plump it up. And the sense of all Pyunkang Yul products, they’re very… so aroma therapy-like. It’s just… very soothing. Oh, I also wanna just let you guys know, I like to re-apply my makeup throughout the day. Especially my eye area, cause I have dark circles. I like to re-apply a little bit of lotion under, to re-hydrate it. When your wrinkles are given hydration, they kind of… pumps up again. So this would be perfect to throw in your pouch. We have the Medi-Peel Peptide9 Hyaluronic Volume Eye Cream, and we were talking about peptides, cause you hear ‘peptide’ a lot, but you don’t actually know… well I didn’t know what it was. I just knew it was a good thing. Peptides are basically the building blocks for things like elastin, collagen, carotin in the skin to help strengthen. So well, this one actually contains nine? There’s actually other ingredients in here that are also in things like botox and liptonin So it’s good for people like me that have, like, wrinkles? The thing I love about this is actually the texture, which, I don’t know if you’re gonna like, but – uh, what is the Korean…
– ‘Mazzarella’! Cheesy! It’s like, – I love it, I love it
– At first, of course. But we are absorbing it by rubbing and patting and blending it into the skin. And it goes away, it absorbs really quickly. So it’s really really nice. And the fact that it’s in a tube pump packaging. – OOOooh!
– It’s on your pants now. – I can do this all day.
– Yeah! – All right, well, yep.
– OK, I’ll stop. I don’t know but, for me, this is fun and all but I don’t know if I’ll like this on my eyes Of course you’re not gonna do that under your eyes. You’re, a little bit, gonna tap it Imagine me going like this on my eyes every day! -And I like that the packaging is a pump tube.
-Oh I like the pump. Very hygienic. Hygienic is key. All right. The next one is d’Alba’s “White truffle Multi Treatment Eye Cream” d’Alba’s mist is super popularly used by all the flight attendants so it’s called the ‘flight attendant mist’ That’s like legit. -And you know it’s legit because on the plane, super dry, it’s like a desert.
-It’s so dry. But all the flight attendant’s skin is glowing right? So you always wonder, like “What products are they using?” They’re using d’Alba. And their eyecream must be good as well. Because it contains white truffle, which is very expensive and it’s promising anti-aging effects. This is the kind of texture that I like, personally, for my eyecreams – because if it’s too much meat and if it’s too sticky then — yeah, crease.
– It can make your makeup like, crease. – And then your wrinkles are just gonna look–
– Worse, yeah. If Korean flight attendants are using things, then that’s when you know Yeah, cuz their skin’s so perfect all the time. Sitting on the plane dry like this and they’re like glossy. Then you know it’s gonna work. – Next up! AHC “Time Rewind Real Eye Cream For Face”.
– For Face. One every 1.6 seconds, it’s crazy, sold. Sold right now, sold right now, another one, sold right now. Another one, sold right now. Someone’s buying it, right now. Precisely. It’s always sold out on home-shopping. – Home-shopping in Korea’s no joke. If it’s sold out on there, you know it’s legit.
– They’re serious. – Earlier we talked about peptides, 34 different peptides.
– 34? Oh my gosh. Here. Oh I gotta try this one. Oh this is very different from all of the other Cuz a lot of the ones we’ve been trying have a more matte kind of feeling but this one’s definitely more, I guess glossier Remember when Anne Hathaway was the model? That was so random. That was kind of random. Yeah I think it’s because she had the same initials? Ohh is that why? Maybe, who knows? Little applicator’s interesting, not that it’s gonna be a huge difference but it’s like this slit thing, reminds me of a fat bottled liquid cheese in America in a tube like this, anyway Yeah, easy to spread it on the sandwich. But fantastic eye cream. Anyways, moving on to one of my favorites out of all these today because I have actually tried this one, its is Swanicoco! – Because your name is in it?
– That too. Swani ‘Coco’. Fermentation Peptide Care Eye Cream and this has won so many awards. I swear by this product because I love the texture, I love the ingredients, I love just how it feels, and I actually wore it today as well. Look at my eyes! I can confirm, yeah, wrinkle free. – Yeah and it helps improve dark circle.
– Smells ghoooood That’s good. Because a lot of eye creams will fix just wrinkles. – Right.
– But I know a lot of people these days have dark circle concerns For me, I just inject filler, but that’s another story. Anyways! – The texture! Please tell us about the texture!
– The texture! It’s, the way it absorbs, it almost feels like a ‘subun cream (moisture cream)’ in a way, a fast-absorbing texture So if you want deep hydration but you don’t want glossiness and dewiness all over then that actually feels nice. Which, I think, is why they’re saying that it’s good for other makeup. – It doesn’t feel like it’s gonna interfere with anything.
– Right right right. It’s not too cakey, slippery Next one. Next! I’m gonna have to say it like the Korean person, cuz ‘Elensilia’. “Elensilia CPP Caviar 80 Luxe Repair Eye Cream”. Luxe – Caviar.
– Caviar. That’s something we’re talking about for the first time in this episode, caviar, – Rich people food.
– Very expensive. Yeah so I don’t imagine this being cheap to make. But it is more affordable than the La Mer, which is, crazy. It’s supposed to help, like, skin nutrition. I don’t know if that was a thing but if it’s nutritious for the skin I’m about it cuz I I’ll eat McDonald’s every day but if I can get my skin caviar, I will do it. You’re gonna be eating McDonald’s but you’re gonna be putting on caviar. That like the who people order a lot of food and then say “And a diet coke please.” Oh my gosh that’s you. It also has snail mucus in there which was definitely a trend a few years ago with like that little trail that snail leaves and it’s supposed to help repair skin. And it contains “Venu..” “Venuceane”? Venuceane? Venuceane… Coco help me. Venuceane. Which is an ingredient that helps photoaging yeah so I’d have to look this up but basically if you have wrinkles or whatever from sun damage. Photo! Photosynthesis! That’s… yeah. Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis That is not the same thing but… jalhaesseo. (good job) If you’re kinda late in the game with wearing sunscreen and you’re kinda around the sun a lot and you have wrinkles from that, things like this will help that. Show us the texture. – Texture-wise, it kinda looks like the one that you like the…
– Yeah yeah yeah. Swanicoco. It actually feels very similar. Slightly thicker? This is very shiny. It has a very shiny finish. I know some eye creams in America will have mica in it to add shimmer. So that when you put it on your eyes it’s supposed to bounce back light to make you look more youthful in a way. But this one just has like a natural glow effect. Yeah. This is good. I like it! Last but not least, I have brought in the Heimish “Marine Care Eye Cream” And you guys probably know Heimish because of their super-famous “All-Clean Balm”, which is their steady-seller. Super nice, super sensitive for, you know, sensitive skin but anyways. They’ve made a perfect dupe for La Mer. Cuz just look at it. They have the applicator, they have it in this little pod, but they have double the amount. So this is thirty grams. That one is fifteen grams. And this one is just 40 dollars while that one is 260. What’s the main ingredient in that one? Main ingredient is…. Same as La Mer! The seaweed. 51% included! -Tu-duh!
-Actually, it’s much thicker. Oh it smells fresh. Niiiiiice. Try thattt You’re creeping me out. Enough with your… But it goes on your eyes, it’s not like you’re gonna smell it anyways, so. Actually, a little bit more meatier than the La Mer one. It’s a little bit thicker which I like because you feel like you’re getting more out of the…. Try it with the applicator. You have to try it with the applicator. So the applicator is supposed help with the soft massage. That helps with blood circulation and of course the puffiness, it gets rid of the bloat You actually don’t even need to put these in the microwave– what the microwave? You don’t wanna do that! You actually don’t need to put these in the fridge, because it’s almost like it just stays cold. And you’d always just spot it. Cuz it just melts, not gonna absorb it. Oh and also, apparently that’s uh, cruelty free. Compared to… La Mer, which is not cruelty free. Ha! I did my research. I know that a lot of people like, even, ingredients aside, people will often ask about cruelty free-ness. So that’s very important as well. Wow that was good! We went through everything. – A lot of eye cream, but
– A lot of eye cream. But I definitely have my favorites. – Yeah you do too, so, yeah.
– Yeah, of course. – I feel a lot of it comes down to textural preference?
– Right, textural prefernce. – Cuz I, like sticky…
– Or, like, the packaging? Because I would definitely choose, like, this for traveling and like, just keeping it every day with me but then you like that one. I would definitely use this for like night time and I would use this for like daytime That was it! Yeah. Next episode! – Ohhoohoho
– We have the shading! Contouring! Yeah so stay tuned for that, we’re gonna bring in our Affordies again, so yeah. Please, like, subscribe, leave comments down below, if you guys wanna see us and leave the bell notifications on to see more of us If you want to! I can understand if you don’t wanna see her but if you wanna see me, make sure you get that bell. – So we’ll see you in the next one! Bye!
– OK bye! Bye!

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