Yarn Wig Tutorial (In depth)

Yarn Wig Tutorial (In depth)

Alright guys, so you know when I made that yarn video Well, I’m going to be doing another one right now! And that one shows the process of me making a wig like almost all of it, so Let’s begin, I guess! I already did this off camera, but I painted my wig cap which was black, sort of a white color because I’m going to be making a white wig And I don’t want it to be black if there are any spaces So yeah, I painted it white with fabric paint And I’m gonna start with this yarn. I like to wrap it around my hand, um, I’m doing the front of the wig right now which will be This part right in here, that little, well, it’ll be like almost all of this But we’re gonna do this little circle part then each little circle part first which will be, like, one little part here So we’re going to first cut of yarn, so we just, uh I like to wrap it around. And if you want the front to be long then I can use like this part of the hand right here and wrap around sort of loosely not cutting off my circulation or anything ‘cuz that’d be bad It doesn’t really matter how many times you wrap it around, just enough for it to be a lot and enough for you to be able to cut it because if it’s too thick you’re not going to be able to cut it Just look you have crappy scissors. So just cut, and we have some yarn. You’re gonna wanna keep doing that ’til you have a bunch, and you’ll probably want to re-do the step again and again But using shorter lengths, like, you’ll probably want some that are right here, instead of on this thicker part of your hand And yeah, basically just try to think about how hair works. My hair here right here is longer than my hair right here so on the wig I’m going to have have the hair in front longer than the hair on the sides, so Yes, also if you have a wig Please check it out, because, this is just a random wig that I have. It’s new, I did not make this one, but, if you look at a wig, and turn it inside out, it has this part, which is the front and basically what I’m going to be doing, is I’m gonna be sewing kinda like this. And all in the front is very thick, since this is thick. And then in the back I’m gonna have lines But so yeah, that’s pretty cool, right! So you’re gonna want it to look kinda like this, it doesn’t have to look exactly like this But this is honestly a really good template. So It’s good to have and I have an idea about how professional wigs are made But yeah, you just gotta keep doing this thing Let’s keep doing this i guess [I don’t know sound] and honestly I’m just doing, like, some extra stuff right now I probably won’t be using this length until way later, but Yes. You can do that however you want. So now that we’ve got a bunch of this, we’ve gotta tie knots in this stuff For wigs I like to do a single, one piece, and just tie a knot in the middle you wanna do that for every single one of these things. So this is one of the reasons why this is a time-consuming process, because it’s… See these things, see the little knot? Alrighty! So I’m gonna show you another thing That might make this go a little faster. As far as the tying and brushing and straightening process goes I have learned a new thing! Basically you’re going to want to have another piece of yarn. This yarn will be For basically keeping track of everything and keeping; it will make it a little easier and faster. Um, so here’s some stuff I’ve already done It’s black for a black haired wig, and it’s already brushed and already straightened And I just kept it on the string and I’m going to keep on the string until I Am starting a new black wig and it’s just going to make things so much easier and Less “everywhere”. So I’m going to show you how to do this, just how I brush and straighten everything. So. Here we go. We have our yarn all cut and prepped and so Here’s the string. I’m just gonna Tie the string, the yarn, onto the other yarn Make sure it’s tight. You can’t tie it twice, but, I’ve actually found that if you tie it twice it comes undone, usually, unless you’re really careful and brushing and honestly you should be kinda careful when brushing just so you don’t brush the, uh, knot out. That’s the only thing about this way of doing it Is that you can brush the knot out whenever you’re brushing everything at once So I’m just gonna keep tying these on here and slide them over and I’m going to try to keep all of the knots on one side, like on the top So they’re not you splaying them so I can keep track if I’m brushing the knots out or not Alright so, make our little bundle. And I usually do whole a lot of bundles one one piece of yarn And then once I finish that I’ll just brush them all and once I finish brushing them all I’ll straighten them all All on this piece, this piece of yarn. And so we’ve got our little bundle right here and you want to have a you want to have a Cat brush. I like this one the best it costs a little more than my other one But just a metal and a wire brush that is good at separating the fibers of the yarn You want to have that at this point, and something to brush out your yarn out onto, um, an old pair of jeans These are actually all ripped up in places like… They’re done. I’m not wearing them again basically. So I’m going to be brushing on this, strong pants, ‘Cuz whatever you want to use to brush it on, as long as you’re not brushing it out on your pants or yourself because You don’t really want to be stabbed with little wire bristles, I’m sure, so You’re just gonna start brushing this out You’re gonna start at the ends Making sure to unravel all of the yarn Leaving no yarn unraveled Getting as close to the knot as possible without actually un-doing the knot. I’m actually sort of protecting the knot with my fingernail I do not want to unravel it The knot is so fluffy! So very fluffy! Alright… Looks okay Alright. Now that we have done this We can now straighten it Funny story. I accidentally did this without recording! It’s just so second nature now, apparently But, here is my Hair straightener .Yay! You know I actually don’t get to straighten my hair regularly because my hair is too short. So short that I don’t really care anymore But here we are. Basically I have a low setting but I don’t have a high setting, and it’s been fine Just as long as you don’t like Keep doing it, like keeping it on the thing, I do like Just little strokes And then when you’re finished it should look Something like this A lot different than the little fluff-ball that we just had But this is the, uh, end result Alright, so here is example of a piece of yarn in which I’ve tied a bunch of other pieces that Kinda like this, tied those on here, and then brushed them and then straightened them I have these in groups of ten, um, for the straightening and then I have them in groups of five for the brushing because It’s easier for you to brush a smaller number and… It just makes things go a bit little faster. It’s easier to straighten, like around ten, than it is to brush ten So, I’m just gonna… Just do straightening You should be getting stuff that looks kinda like…like this. Except one piece will be looking like, somewhat like this. And different lengths for Where you’re going to be placing the hair And how long going to want to make your wig, and all of that So I already technically started at this point, ‘cuz I’m Heather from the future at this point. But, um, yup! I’ll go ahead and show you how to sew this on Alright, so you want a needle, one that’s not too big one that’s not too small I don’t really know that much about needles. I just use one that I like, so use one that you like And I’m using white thread.I usually like… it cannot be Too thin otherwise it will It will have more of a chance of just breaking it, pieces of your… …of your wig falling out so, kinda like that. Also I like it to be relatively long ‘cuz I’m going to be sewing a lot Of hair in. This isn’t that much, but I also have more right here I sew a lot of hair and at one time and I would rather not get more thread But you don’t want to have it too much that’ll be cumbersome. You also want good scissors I… My good pair scissors broke, so I’m using this crappy Little kid pair, and it’ll just have to do Right so I do a double thread And then knot it at the end. So once we knot it a few times… We’re going to go through the back of the wig. You can flip it out, flip it inside out if you would like Go through the back of the wig And then you’re going to go through the front, like, going towards the back again And I like to pick it through there And so now it’s it’s not going out of there unless you pull it really hard and you end up ripping the mesh Which would suck. But then you want to get it back through on the side that you’re going to be putting the hair Because you don’t want hair on the side that’s gonna be under… …on the underside Ha, logic! Also, it’s like one right now so pardon me. I have my retainer in- so that’s why I have a little bit of a lisp but alright You got your first piece of hair. What you’re gonna do…see that little, That little knot right there Gonna slip right through that knot Just pull. When you do that that little…closer to there, and you can just Bah! [surprised noise] Lets see if we can’t get our wighead next We get our head…That’s how hair works Now my display head is a little smaller Than most people’s heads, it’s a little smaller than mine, so it’s not always accurate… Hold on a second…actually… …okay this is on the top so that’s good… Alright…Let’s do this So… What you want to do, I’ve got it pulled tight, I’m gonna get a piece of hair, go through the knot Pull it tight, then go through the mesh, and then you can just kind of go through it in the back of it With the wig cap on You don’t actually have to pull it through twice. Just do it in one swoop. Again, we’ll just keep repeating this step. Get your hair, Stick it through the knot Pull it tight But not too tight because then it’ll be hard. You want it to be tight, but not really have that much slack… or not, like, make the the mesh sort of… Wavy and ruffly. Sorry if I can’t explain things good, apparently But you just wanna Keep doing that Make sure, and I’m here, [that you don’t] get some stuck in the thread as you’re pulling it The longer it is the easier it is for that to happen If you’re really afraid of your, um Your hair is coming out. That’s…then what you can do Is at this point you can actually pierce through the, uh Knot again, just in case So it’s really in there. You’ll want to do that the same direction and not the opposite direction. If you do it the opposite direction, then there’s a chance it might come undone Alright, so that’s how you do it Once you get ready to be finished Uh, you can… I’ll do one more. One more. This one I’ll do it double Then go through the back Now, to tie this off What you wanna do To have this I want to… Make a knot so I’ll just go through the mesh again, and go through the circle [of thread] That that makes. And then it will basically be a knot. But… You want to cut it with enough to tie it off So… That should be enough Maybe a little more than this, but, better safe than sorry. And I’m just gonna… Tie a knot…Do a knot. Do that more than once Be safe. You can trim off the excess Then you can Start somewhere else, or take a break, or start a new row, or… You don’t actually have to stop. You can just get some more thread or whatever. But, that’s basically what I’m going to be doing For a long time and On this little part of here I actually like to have it thick. The most thick part will be this part. This, uh, wig will be for probably Danny Phantom So I want it to be super anime and sticky-uppy in the front because, you know, Danny Phantom And it’s probably gonna be Relatively thick up here, too But not as thick if I have more space between each row so instead of it being like right here it would be like up here a little bit more so… Just think about how thick you want your hair to be on the sides and the back You’re not going to want your hair as thick because… If you look at my hair, for example, I have more hair It’s longer up here and the stuff on my sides is a lot shorter and not as poofy And if it’s poofy it like gets in the way of your ears It’s really hard to put glasses on, that’s why I like getting haircuts Otherwise my hair really annoys me And the back, unless you want your character to have really poofy hair in the back, then just think about how Um, thick you’re doing your wefts How far apart you’re placing them in the wig, ‘cuz that does factor in Alright. You know what? I’m just gonna continue it’s gonna be a huge speed-lapse thing hopefully, so… Lets do this Alright, so at this point I’ve actually gotten pretty far on the wig. I’ve got most of the front done And it’s it’s really fluffy now, wow But it’s only about halfway through, maybe a little more than halfway Alright So I want to show you what I did and I made lines where all the wefts are going to be I’m still learning, forever learning, about this process So this is how Far part I’m going to do the wefts for the back. They might actually need to be spaced a little further apart or further together But I think this will work and, yeah And basically I just again reference the wefts on this wig so Yeah, they’re about the same. I suggest making the lines on here with like a silver sharpie I don’t have one so I just use a dark one Alright, let’s finish her up You didn’t just go back in time. Okay? Oh [-] do you subscribe like and subscribe you know

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  6. Today I get the supplies to make my own. I'm gonna make myself a Dante hairstyle hehe super excited!! 😁

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