Your Guide to Nylon Fabrics

Nylon is a heavy-duty synthetic fabric that
is used for industrial and outdoor applications, such as camping gear, apparel, bags, and covers. Nylon is differentiated by denier, or weights,
that describe the makeup of the material. The thicker the individual threads of fiber
used to make the material the higher the denier will be. Our Nylon also has a urethane coating that
makes it water repellant and tear and abrasion resistant. Ballistic Nylon was once used by the military
to make jackets that would protect the wearer from shrapnel. Now it is used for other applications like
bags, and apparel, and has found a niche market in toys and beds for dog. Coated Nylon Oxford Fabric is a durable but
lightweight material. It is great for making tents, bags, outdoor
patio cushions, covers and water repellant apparel. Coated Nylon Oxford is rip and tear resistant
and is flexible enough to be used as a liner but also durable enough to stand on its own. Cordura Nylon and Textured Nylon are similar
materials that are 1000 denier. They are both incredibly strong and great
for heavy duty covers, bags, and other outdoor applications. Medium in weight and high in durability, Nylon
Pack Cloth is coated in urethane to make it extremely water resistant. It’s not too stiff, like some of the higher
denier ballistic nylons, so it’s easy to work with. As the name suggests, pack cloth is a fantastic
choice for packs and bags of all sorts. Ripstop is the lightest weight nylon of our
selection. It is a great option for indoor application
as it is not rated for long term outdoor use. It is a great option to cover machinery, tools,
and sporting equipment stored in a shed or garage. You could also make fly’s for tents, ponchos,
coat liners and more with this durable, tear resistant, and waterproof fabric. No matter the application, Nylon makes for
a great water and fray resistant material that is both industrial in strength and easy
to use.

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