ZARA Clothing Haul 2019

ZARA Clothing Haul 2019

Hi guys, it’s Kelsey in Kendra And today we’re going to be doing a Zara clothing haul this is basically a hybrid of both of the seasons fall in winter Because it’s starting to get really cold, but it’s technically still fall. So we’re not going to put a season on it It’s just a bizarre clothing haul and this is a Tryon clothing haul of course because we always do our clothing calls Tryon because I hate watching clothing cause my own problem. Oh, it’s kind of pointless Yes kind of pointless and I just get annoyed with the saying people hold things up trying to explain what it looks like on me you Could just put it off We’re just gonna hop right into the Chelsea and I got a lot of similar pieces So I’m curious to see what we got. That looks very similar Yeah and I got a lot of like the same pieces but different colors cuz y’all know I get Obsessed with a piece and I needed in every color. So we’re just gonna get started Okay, so I guess I will start a Kendra gave us a limited number wish you very healthy in clothing Hauls are one kind of long. Yeah, which was very helpful because I love Zara like I’m obsessed with their clothes and I could kind of like I can go on their website and be on there for like two hours hours They just have so many good pieces So the first thing that I got actually got a couple of these I got a a turtleneck sweater Um, it’s not a big sweater. It’s like a more of a thin type sweater. It’s this charcoal gray color It’s really pretty it’s kind of cropped a little bit So it’s not like super long and I’m obsessed with the details on the sleeves because they have these really pretty gold buttons on them and I really love this like detail on something very simple because it just adds a nice touch to it and it Complements your jewelry like if you have all that gold necklaces or something makes it dressier. Yeah more dressy So I thought that was really cute instead of it. Just being a simple troll neck. I just added like a nice touch with The gold buttons on the sleeves and some people feel like like tronex are like not in anymore But I always been into me they’re a classic to me So whenever it gets cold outside I feel like I always want to put a cute turtle and I thought it makes you look chic and sleek and sleek. But Warm at the same time and you can skip a scarf you don’t need a scarf That’s true and it helps you not to get sick. Okay? So the next time I make that I guys I think the same style is healthiest But I decided to give this a really pretty oatmeal new tone. I think it’s like an oatmeal movie color. It’s not a meal Yeah, it’s very open meal in France this really pretty fabric like LC see it. It’s super stretchy like I love the stretch in the East great quality and the best part about Zara the quality is amazing and they always have multiple colors that look good on multiple skin tones So they have a color that you don’t like or think will look good on you They will always have something else that works for you So the turtleneck is not super thick because I hear a lot of people say turtlenecks make them feel claustrophobic and suffocating and I am someone who You know gets claustrophobic at times but turtlenecks do not do that. If you buy the right one. Yeah can’t be too chunky. Yes Whoo shocking, huh? So this one I love and like helps they say the detailing On the sleeve like these studs the gold studs look so good with every color these comes in I just feel like they make each color of the sweater pop because this is a sweater material It’s not just like a random cotton material. This is actually a sweater material with just a thinner sweater material So it does have a little bit of what do you call this like a rib detailing it the bubble dog? It feels like a true sweater I kind of feel like a teacher with this because it has like some nice throwing in it is unique teacher. It’s very very semi-casual direct you can put like cigarette pants with this or jeans so I thought you can go either dressy with this or you can Go casual for wide legs or wide leg pants buy slacks. It would be really cute Yeah, so I love this super cute for layering also. Okay, so my next top is another turtleneck So this one is a little bit different because it has cutouts on the arm part So right underneath the shoulders it has this really cute cutout which up out was very different and she can like a really nice design factor that engaged I’m just like sorry for this particular reason because they have the simplest things, but they always have These subtle details that make them different edgier. Yeah more edgy, and I’m obsessed with this color This is like one of like my favorite eyeshadow colors No comparison there Olympics for the burgundy ya brown and burgundy a little bit. It’s perfect for Fall but transitioning into winter because it’s a little bit darker Then like this tone would be for fall cuz I thought I’ve seen leaves this color. Just a tad bit lighter maybe But I just feel like it’s just like the perfect color for Thanksgiving It’s really really pretty and it’s kind of cropped like the other one. I showed it’s not super long asleep Yeah This limbs were like kind of wide and then they get back skinny at the wrist part Really cute like really nice and cheap looking not scoop it to you also said this it’s not the same material It’s the other but other words more sweatery. This is more like I think they like the Standish material. Yes So this is a bandaged turtleneck if that makes sense, like anything like a bandage dress like that material It’s kind of that mixed with sweater. It’s very interesting. Yeah, I didn’t noticed that Cute Jean jeans or like some tan or comb yet buy or something. I think I might do those with jeans Okay, so keeping up with the sweater trend This is the same one that I just showed you guys but in navy blue I told y’all like when I see something that I like I get kind of carried away with all the colors that it comes in So I love their tones, too Because they don’t have like a bunch of red color ones are which is why it’s like a hood for me when it comes to Following winter clothing so their tongues are very like rich and warm you can mix and match. Yeah They look really good with later jewelry. There were things you already have things. I already have yes. Yeah. So this navy blue one I had to get I don’t know if it’s showing of Navy. It was a triumph work. It is the navy blue I promise I’m not colorblind And I love that. This does pop even more on the Navy because it’s darker So I’m the dark ones like with the black and the navy you’re going to see the studs even more they pop And I feel like you will complement like whatever necklaces you um Add to this because layered necklaces will be really pretty with this. See like some pretty gold Oh, so I think that would be really really pretty layered I love navy blue is one of my favorite colors to wear in the following winter months. So definitely I love love this Navy It’s a very rich deep Navy is my luck on the lighter. Maybe side is like a deep Navy So I love this and I can’t wait to wear this when it gets colder Okay, so a true twin form. We always end up getting at least one piece That’s the exact same and the next piece that I got kinderga– as well Yeah, this is another turtleneck and visit is really pretty olive green color. It’s a cropped sweater turtleneck It’s so chic but still kind of sexy in a way isn’t ripped throughout the entire set the entire thing But the ribs on the actual shirt are bigger and then the ribs on the actual turtleneck Turtleneck part are smaller as well as the wrist part. Yes I love like the contrast between skinny ribs why we ripped skinny red rib. Yeah, I like that I love that super cute really cool. That’s not like bizarre Like I just like I just say they have so many like subtle details my everybody pays attention to them But if you like clothes you do so I just love how they pay attention to detail. Yes And of course the fabric is amazing It is stretchy and I love how the bottom goes And so it kind of gives you like more of like a shape a shape and like a slimmer waist. Yep So I love you love this is what turtlenecks too because they also make you look slimmer True. So love love this. I love this color. I don’t have nothing I think about it. I don’t have any khaki or olive green Toretto’s Sweater there. I want only have like pullover the hoodies that are this color Okay, I don’t think I have any turtlenecks this color, but I definitely have like maybe a dress this color And of course, I have like a bomber jacket or it’s color. Okay, my next top is this really pretty Camel nude color. So I’m a look at this because of the gold buttons on the front I thought they were super cute and they added a really nice touch in detail to this sweater I probably would even wear Necklaces with this because I feel like it has nice detail in the front already and I thought the necklaces would kind of take away From this or it would be too much to me and that’s saying a lot for me because I’m extra Lot of accessories I do. I just really love the color of this the whole thing. It’s like skinny root So it’s the exact same rib all over and has really nice detailing As well like how the ribs go this way the stitching I just thought about like they take their time with their pieces is not like Rushed you can tell when something is rushed to be made I love the quality of yes, who knows but you can wear this for years to come. Yeah timeless pieces This also wild lines are because I have things in my closet from Azhar that I bought like three years ago that I can still wear now So that’s also why Zara is a bit like store to shop and invest in pieces, even though they’re not even like super expensive I thought I’m sorry is that nice middle ground sheep, but they’re not like ridiculous. It’s not like Neiman Marcus or like that No, but it’s the same quality Yeah, I mean, I mean we’ve shopped in both so I kind of know how their pillows I don’t got clothes from Neiman Marcus But it’s a waste because you can find two Azara. Yeah that are cheaper and half the same quality So sorry is the plug Okay, so this would not be a typical lamp length all without Kendra purchasing something black So I had to get something that was essential and this is really pretty long sleeve sweater dress This is real kind of like the sweater. You just show very skinny rib Detailing down the whole thing. The stitching is continuous throughout the director, but I love how slinky and handy this is like the quality is is amazing so you can wear this with like some really cute like Knee-high boots and like you can built it which is how I would wear it and layer it with like a nice Black or camo or like a peanut butter tan coat because I love it in it. So this left a true winter It keeps you still keeps you warm. Yes, there’s no slate It just goes all the way down because the slit kind of makes the the air creep through like the wind creeper Yeah, it makes your legs call so if you live in a really cold climate and you’re looking for some really nice like quality sweater dresses that don’t like You know make you feel freezing cold. When you walk outside. You can feel like the wind blowing through your clothes This is a really good one Of course You would put like a slip underneath if you want to but I don’t think you would even need to Look if you want to wear Spanx, obviously you can but this feels like it has built in – thanks Honestly because it’s super stretchy and thick underneath like it’s nothing at all I love the neckline is super some so you can layer with necklaces. This would also be nice as a turtleneck though This would be cute with hoops. I like how simple this dress is because you cannot kind of like do you with accessory? Yes, you can like you’re not really turn this into your kind of outfit. Yeah, you’re not limited Yes, cuz you can wear this with sneakers if your ass nigger girl, like some kind of like Converse or those ugly-ass shoes. Everybody been wearing they live like cakes Those chunkies me. I think I can’t get into him I can’t no but I would wear these with like some heeled boots Of course and built itself for booties with the trench coat for booties. No trench coat. Good luck along. That’s cool Once your winter coat, yes, so I would do booties with it. You would like a tan bootie Yeah, that would be cute to know about you. Okay, so I think this is my laptop It’s this really pretty heavy gray Like sweater top, it looks like a sweater top, but it’s actually kind of thin so it’s really breathable So this is good for layering because it’s not too thick So you can like put like a really pretty black coat with this a cognac coat but the Main reason I got this just because of the waist detail it has this really pretty tie in the front and you can tie it On the side. It’s really really cute So it just has basically extra fabric at the front that you tie To kind of like central wasting a little bit to kind of get a little waist So I love that detail with this kender say this looks like a wife top Yeah know why I just looked like a wife. I feel like they’re really pretty put together way Yeah, of course this way I mean, I don’t know how else to be But I said this is perfect to wear on Thanksgiving if you’re hosting because if you cook in you get kind of hot Yes, moving around and stove and all that because it looks like a sweater, but it’s not hot That’s sure it’s very breathable the tournaments we showed those are actual exploiters. Yeah Way thicker they way thicker. So I’m super excited to work with any super soft to so soft It feels kind of like loungewear. Yeah, it does feel like loungewear, huh? Oh, yeah I have a bun down top like they said I got from Urban. Yeah, it kind of feels like this So this is a knitted sweater. I love the ivory color. The only thing is this is shedding and it’s getting everywhere So the only thing is if you have anything black are you around people who have on darker colors? It’s going to show up on all of their clothing. So thanks apologizing in advance For your sweater, just you know, yeah, so this is better to wear where my everybody Contaminate this is better. So I was like like regular wash jeans Yes, like a nice like medium wash and that’s some cognac boots. That would be really slight wash. Yeah, like wash jeans Not a dark one, but I love how soft this is. It feels like a Christmas blanket like this feels like Christmas It really does like it feels like it smells like, you know chestnut and clothing Fireplace from that a Campbell. Yes, it is But this feels very Christmasy. So I love this it looks it would look really pretty the gold jewelry I just put everything gold George because gold Jordan looks really good with everything Yeah, so I love the neckline of this. So it’s not quite it’s not a turtleneck, but it is very high neck So I love the neckline of this and it just has like the same kind of detailing at the hem of it But this would look really cute tucked into your jeans like in the front and kind of have like draped over a little bit So it can look slightly cropped in the front and it can hang in the back that will be cute So not have like the whole thing just like hanging because you basically look like why Yeah, I like to give this some shade like with these kind of sweaters I like to like tuck them and in the front make them look a little bit more You know feminine and took it enough for in the front and then show like a little bit of luck acute bill Yeah, if you have a belt you want the other. Thank you, too And by the way, all of our tops we did get in a size small Those are it’s pretty true to size when it comes to pretty much all their pieces. So yeah So the next thing that I got is this really cute cropped faux fur coat I have a couple of faux fur coats but they’re way bigger than this and I wanted one of those kind of like smaller and like cuter and not so like Longer lady they look more like chic dress. You really want more cast. This is more. So I basically wanted the exact same version What I already had but with something that I can just draw with some jeans and some like you know Cute booties or something more casual converse. You can be like or converse like me Ethan I would do dance just as me But I like that is cropped. So it just looks chic, but can’t you at the same time? So casual chic it’s pretty much what this is. It’s super super soft. I’m obsessed with the color It has this really cute collar on it That I like you can pull it up or you can just like wear it down, which I really like This is just like really cute in my casual looking but still warm at the same time. I love a good faux fur This won’t ask me of the ones that I have but with a hood I have one like yes color from Zara There’s a hood on it. So that’s a perfect example of like a casual faux fur because what’s more casual than a hood? Yeah, so this is kind of like that one but the collared version it has a drawstring and the inside if you want the waist to look like more like a little bit in and cinched in but I kind of just like it like this me personally, um You can zip it up as well, which is really cute. Which to me gives it like a Bomber effect because you usually don’t see a faux fur with a zipper. That’s true. Most of them have like buttons inside Usually that’s true. Okay. So my very last top or sweater type piece is this hoodie. That’s very thin So this is more like a loungewear hoodie, and it’s perfect for layering so you can put let of course like a Regular t-shirt underneath like a cami or something in like layer a jacket over this a denim jacket would be huge Yeah, that objection would be cute. So this is a really keep Simba City. Oh Oh, yeah, leather jacket would also be cute. I had to get it because baby Simba is just so cute and adorable Because oh I couldn’t help myself Like I just had to get it and y’all know Lion King is like in my top three favorite Disney movie. Absolutely so this had to be God, so Loved the charcoal gray has like a really nice watch charcoal kind of like flames been watched in your arm today Oh, yeah, pretty well, you like this thing like wash? Yeah of a gray So I love like the watch charcoal gray look very like chic and edgy so like I don’t like those like really like sometimes I do but like for like more casual wear I really Like that washed out look not you don’t think looks more than two vintage. Yeah first is something that’s just like opaque Yes, I think I got this in a size medium cuz I wanted to fit oversized. Yes. This is a medium So I wanted to feel like two to small Kiera – I never get a hit in the small Okay, so we both only got one pair of jeans and they are the exact same pair of jeans Azaria has some of the best jeans. I have ever bought in my entire life great quality about being 120 freakin dollars like some of the jeans I have they’re comfortable They are timeless though. You can wear them for years to come if you you know, stay the same size Oh, you don’t gotta work with it. These are so freakin stretchy, Vince They are they’re warm skinny jeans, so they’re called the warm skinny and we both got it And these are really cute like washed black almost charcoal color. Yes I love you the wash of this I had to get this shape Because I don’t have any Margene’s and black. I have like all their dumb men on tones, and I have a crepe hair So I didn’t I’ve had just like black charcoal color I love like the fading almost like a smoky look – yes, I love love the color of this So I think this will look cute with all the sweaters. I’ll just show it especially like this oatmeal color those too So I think I like open another oatmeal sweater. I show it would look really cute with all Of them other than the charcoal gray one because that’s too blended I might still do that and then she’d bring it on with a hand boots. And yeah Break it up with like one thing that’s different colors. Nevermind. He’s cute all of them So we do get these in a size 2 us four and they fit really true to size super comfortable I cannot get over how stretchy is our genes are and thick like this is not a thin fabric This is nice a one quality. I’m pretty sure that’s what I call warm skinny, so they’re perfect for Cold weather they do feel like they have some kind of like extra layer of fabric Stitched inside and they don’t have any distressing on them because they’re warm. Yeah. I want to be like a plane. Yeah They have a lot of roots. It’s in my genes. Okay, so next Chelsea and I got some belts Well, I got one bill and Chelsea got two and you actually got me this I thought we both wanted things that the other person got in our whole like these jeans Do you ordered them after you saw me getting yeah, so I need to go back on there and get those yeah, and then I really wanted this bill because I saw Chelsea and I was like That would be super cute with the dress the sweater dress that I just showed you guys That’ll be cute that sent you with that And of course with any pair of jeans that go well with what and this is a bill that bill I don’t have any velvet belts and I thought it looked super gorgeous with the gold So the black with the gold contrasts? It’s super pretty So I highly recommend you guys looking as ourselves if you’re on the hunt for like some really pretty chic ones And I think you’re perfect for the holidays, too Like holiday parties and like I feel like they would dress up any outfit and make it look a little extra special Yeah, that’s like my favorite work was our sheep. They are cheap and I love the buckle on this me too I don’t want the vintage like your grandma’s belt in a good in a good way Yeah, I like how it kind of looks like a seashell in a way Oh, yeah, like the actual like the way that like this lines the lines and the vocal Yeah, it look like a seashell. Yeah, that’s kind of look like this. So I love that detail in it. So super cute It’s definitely a statement belt I’m super cute, like y’all have about here and get a designer built to feel chic like Zara has some really cute belts Yeah, black and gold to me is just like the perfect like pop to your outfit. Mhm. I’m so super cute I’m just a bill that makes it feel very holidays. Yeah, their holidays very winter, okay So the last bill that guy is smaller than that one. This is basically If I wanted to do a black and gold belt but something more subtle if I didn’t want to do the bigger buckle Because I thought that it was a statement piece But I feel like you can wear this one with something. That’s like More graphic and I can do a graphic tee with this and it not be too much It’s also like a velvet like the other one super super cute and the buckle is square So it’s not like rounded kind of like the other one. It’s just like more square That’s really pretty detailing on it. Kind of looks like a tree stump in a way like a detailing on it, right? Extra, yeah Yeah, the description that’s also we got a us 30 and usually if they don’t have my size I will get a bigger size and Just make another hole if it’s not tight enough. I usually make another hole. Yeah, I do that with a lot of my bills Okay so that completes our is our clothing Co let us know you guys are gonna be getting any pieces from Czar or if you already Start shopping on Zara Black Friday is gonna be in a couple of weeks So I’m thinking like should I have waited? But I wanted to go ahead we wanted to do a clothing call for you guys from now Yeah, so I just I don’t see that they have really good good pieces. So what Friday is coming up? so check out these pieces if they have a sale going on so be on the lookout for that because These might be on sale so you guys might be able to get them for Discounted because we do not sell. Thank you guys so much for watching We hope you guys enjoyed this video and we will see you guys in the next one

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